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In Focus: How These Timeless Faces Over 40 Maintain Their Youthful Beauty

In Focus: How These Timeless Faces Over 40 Maintain Their Youthful Beauty

While none of us really know what we would look like once we hit 40, many women sure aspire to be as radiant and beautiful as they can. And if pegs are what you're looking for, here's a roundup of stunning moms who have proven time and time again that age is just a number. We took a closer look into their daily lives as shared on their Instagram accounts, and here are some of the things we’ve learned on how to we just might possibly achieve timeless beauty like theirs:


Gretchen Barretto, 46. Any list of timeless beauties wouldn’t be complete without Gretchen Barretto in it. Over the years, she has cemented her status as the epitome of elegance and ageless beauty that continues to wow many, if not all, that she meets. What’s her secret? She works out. A LOT. A quick look at her Instagram feed shows how committed she is to her workout routines.


Dawn Zulueta, 47. Another staple in every beauty peg list is Dawn Zulueta. Her classic beauty can rival that of the current faces in the industry today. Lately she’s been playing badminton! “So when I'm not sewing, I'm shuffling my feet and waving my hands up in the air. Then I break into a sweat,” says Dawn.



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Angel Aquino, 43. She may play James Reid’s stepmother in the teleserye Till I Met You, but Angel Aquino can still easily fit the role of James’ older sister. On her Instagram account, Angel shares that she's hooked on the Barre workout, which uses a combination of postures inspired by ballet and other disciplines like yoga and Pilates.



Ina Raymundo, 40. Looking at her photos, it is incredibly hard to believe that Ina Raymundo is now a mother of five kids, as she looks almost exactly like her younger self; in fact she may just actually look even hotter and sexier now than during her younger years. And she can totally make heads turn wherever she goes! One of her favorite workouts is Zumba.



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Vina Morales, 41. At 41, Vina Morales remains to be not just one of the best all-around performers in the country, but one of the sexiest as well. Her great physique is envied by many. But she doesn’t stay in such amazing shape all these years by just lying around doing nothing, Vina works really hard for it, hitting the gym regularly.


Here she is working on her abs.


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Lucy Torres, 41. Actress, mom, and now Congresswoman Lucy Torres-Gomez is one of the few faces in the industry who totally doesn’t seem to age at all, and her happy disposition in life proves to play a vital role in how she manages to stay as stunning as when she entered the public's consciousness via her iconic shampoo commercial. On her Instagram account, it shows how happy and contended she is in life with husband Richard Gomez and daughter Julianna. Bliss = beauty.




Carmina Villaroel, 41. It’s easy to see where Cassie and Mavy Legaspi got their good genes, as both Carmina and Zoren are equally good-looking. But what’s even more beautiful is how the Legaspi family makes every workout a family affair. Whether they’re playing badminton or doing leg day at the gym, Carmina and the family see to it that they not only break a good sweat but have fun doing it as well. And that may just be how Carmina maintains her youthful glow throughout these years.




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