In Focus: The Rise Of Live Streaming Apps

In Focus: The Rise Of Live Streaming Apps

Technology never fails to amaze us with all the new things that just keep on popping up, so much so that usual scenarios you most likely see in a restaurant today are either a.) people taking photos of their food not minding if it gets cold as long as they get the perfect shot, or b.) a group of friends or family whose eyes are glued to their smartphones and not saying a single word to each other. And with all these live streaming apps and cool new features, it seems like technology is really changing the way people interact with one another.

Live Streaming allows you to watch an event as it happens wherever you are as long there is a strong internet connection. In 2015, Twitter acquired and launched Periscope, which is a live video streaming app for both iOS and Android that allows its users to do live streams, talk, and/or watch other people from all over the world. The app proved to be a major success for the company gaining 15 million users in just a few months.


Another popular streaming app is Twitch, a social video platform and community for gamers, video game culture, and the creative arts, founded in 2011. It attracts close to 10 million visitors each day who are there to watch and talk about video games with more than 2 million streamers.

But one of the biggest winners in the live streaming game is Facebook. Earlier this year, the multi-billion-dollar company has joined in on the live streaming trend with the launch of Facebook Live. What gives them the edge is that they already have an existing massive reach globally and didn’t have to entice people to use it as they cleverly slipped it automatically into their almost 2 billion unique users’ accounts as part of a new updated version of the popular social media networking site.


Just recently, Instagram and Twitter added live streaming features as well that allows their millions of users to broadcast live, which only goes to show how big the live streaming trend is becoming.

And as the year goes by, the rise of live streaming apps have become more prominent than ever with many companies adapting to it and using in various ways from advertising, major event coverages, and it even played a part in political campaigns as well, showing the power and influence of the digital world. One example of this is how then Presidential candidate and now President-elect of the United States, Donald Trump went on Periscope during his campaign stint in Pennysylvania, urging people to go out and vote. 

Where this trend is going is quite early to tell as it's is just getting started, although in this fast changing and evolving world, we never really know what’s coming next, so we better just brace ourselves.


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