3 Ways Enrique Gil Handles Social Media And How You Should, Too

3 Ways Enrique Gil Handles Social Media And How You Should, Too

The King of the Gil may be all about being active and energetic, but when it comes to social media, he is careful with using it, even if he shares a lot about his life through various social media accounts like Instagram and Facebook.

Enrique shared in a recent press event that one of the perks of social media is that you can do a lot with it. However, Quen believes that one should use social media responsibly

1) There will be always haters

“Kung may fans, may haters, hindi mawawala yun.”

Quen emphasized on this as everyone else, whether famous or not, will always have critics who would bash them. He relates to this with how his on-screen partner Liza Soberano would react when she reads mean comments over social media.

2) Don’t add fuel to the flame

“I post a lot about my life, [and] I do not like yun mga tsismis”, Quen remarked on how much he uses social media, emphasizing that he likes to connect with his fans but he does not like dealing with gossip.

Rather than feel bad reading the negative comments, Quen would choose not to read them at all, especially if it is not true. “Some people say bad things because they want you to reply…so hindi na lang ako magrereply,” Quen emphasized

3) Minimize social media use (if you can’t handle the comments)

As social media can be cruel, it does not help if you are too active with social media. “I rather not read (the comments), but I still use social media,” Quen said.

Quen’s other tip? “Iwasan mo na lang”. It may sound contradictory to a social media user like Quen, but it makes senses as anything that is too much is bad.

“Kapag alam mo hindi totoo, just forget about it,” Quen said on his best suggestion in dealing with critics.


Yes, the King of the Gil wants you to use social media responsibly.




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