Cheat Sheet: How To Take Christmas Decorating To The Next Level

Cheat Sheet: How To Take Christmas Decorating To The Next Level

Are you looking for ideas to make your house even more beautiful this Christmas? Don’t just settle for the usual holiday ornaments. For a truly magnificent home life that would last the whole year (and even longer!), give your house a complete facelift with these exciting home solutions:


1. It’s all in the details. When it comes to decorating your nest, details are the key to making it look polished. Whether you’re going for a minimalist design or something with a rustic touch, choosing the right elements can draw in all the other parts of the room for a cohesive finish. Even upgrading your doorknob could do wonders to the overall look.

WHERE TO GO: Direct Hardware at Wilcon Depot is the best place to look for hardware essentials. From hinges, door handles, knobs, and more, they’ve got everything you need to pull off your detailing.


2. Be anything but conventional. Don’t be afraid to experiment with tones and furniture pieces that suit your taste and individuality. Look for modern and standout items that could spark interesting and meaningful conversations among you and your guests.

WHERE TO GO: If you’re on the lookout for creative and state-of-the-art home interior, furniture, and houseware items, then you should visit Wilcon Depot and head over to Heim, where innovation meets good taste. Picture this: There, anything you’ll lay your eyes on will color you curious; so go ahead and fill your home with pieces that tell stories.


3. Going green is gorgeous. Home improvement is not just about how things look. If you really want to make your guests think that every piece in your house was well-thought-of, then you should factor in function and conservation. Start by replacing your fixtures with alternatives that embrace sustainability. At the end of the day, think of all the difference you’ll be able to make—aesthetically and environmentally.

WHERE TO GO: Being eco-friendly doesn’t have to be expensive and boring. Pozzi at Wilcon Depot has the finest selections of sanitaryware and bathroom fixtures that won’t let you break the bank. As one of the top-selling Wilcon brands, Pozzi has become a testament that you can be environment-friendly without sacrificing functionality and quality.


These are just some of the simple yet significant ways to liven up your home all the more this Christmas. With all the parties and get-togethers coming up, now’s the perfect time to plan how the pieces would look like in your house. If you want to visualize how an item could spruce up your nest, go to or follow them at and You may be surprised by what you’ll find, and how easy it is to make your home look more elegant this Christmas—and even beyond the holiday season.


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Text by April Jamie Ong / Photographs from Wilcon





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