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Cheat Sheet: This Christmas, Also Give To Those In Need Via These Sites

Cheat Sheet: This Christmas, Also Give To Those In Need Via These Sites

A lot of us worry about the traffic, our bonuses, and the tangled details we all have during this last quarter of the year. Some of us, even with that bit of extra and a bit more free time, forget other people and children in need. At this time of year they don't wonder like other children how many gifts might be under the tree, or which aunt or uncle will be sneaking cash gifts into their pockets. Often, there is no home, no tree, no family to exchange gifts with, no aunts or uncles, and sometimes no mother or father even. Let's remember this year that there are other ways we can give back to those in need. Check out these sites that offer varied ways to give and bless other people whether in monetary value or in kind.


1. Bantay Bata, ABS-CBN Foundation. "Bantay Bata's toll free hotline remains as the country’s only helpline devoted to receiving and responding to child abuse reports. The program has evolved to offering medical assistance, free legal counseling services, therapy services, scholarships, and parenting seminars, among others. It is present in major provinces, with 11 branches spread nationwide. It operates in Bicol, Cebu, Davao, Iloilo, Laguna, Manila, Negros, Northern Mindanao, Pangasinan, and Zamboanga. It also conducts operations in Bulacan, Cavite, and Rizal." 



To support and donate to Bantay Bata through ABS-CBN foundation click here.


2. UNICEF Philippines c/o SimplyGiving. "At SimplyGiving, we’re inspired by the power of the Internet to do Good for charities. It’s an incredible way for supporters to fundraise for their favourite charity or cause. We call this peer-to-peer fundraising and it’s the easiest and most enjoyable way you can make a difference. From a truly local base in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, and Hong Kong, SimplyGiving now operates in 16 countries reaching more people than any other online giving network in the East & Southeast Asia region." Incidentally, Anne Curtis has also been a supporter/fundraiser for Unicef through SimplyGiving.


Click here to support Unicef and Simply Giving through donations or become a fundraiser.


3. Operation Blessing. "Since its inception, Operation Blessing has inspired change in the lives of more than a million people from all over the Philippines through medical and disaster response missions, community and children’s programs, skills training and livelihood, and water and sanitation projects. But more than material assistance, it is bringing God’s message of hope and a new beginning to people who are suffering that is the hallmark of every Operation Blessing mission."


Through Operation Blessing you have the option to give in kind here, or through credit card here or monetary bank accounts here,  and other sponsor packages here.


4. Gentle Hands. "Over the last 15 years Gentle Hands has been a ministry dedicated to helping the urban people of the Philippines. Over 5,000 babies have been born at Gentle Hands since it began in the bottom level of Denie and Dennis Heppner’s home in St. Ignatius Village. Their medical outreaches have extended over several areas of the Philippines from the Northern Mountains to Smokey Mountain in downtown Manila, as well as into other countries such as Myanmar and India."



Gentle Hands is at 27 F. Castillo, Project 4, Quezon City. Telephone number +632-9135539.


5. World Vision. "World Vision is a Christian, relief, development, and advocacy organization dedicated to working with children, families, and communities to overcome poverty and injustice. World Vision serves the most vulnerable regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, or gender. You can share God’s love and help make Christmas more memorable for poor children by sending them a special Noche Buena Gift."  


Click here to donate and bless a number of families with the gift of Noche Buena.


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