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Hot Stuff: Here's A New TV Series To Unleash Your Inner Environmental Defender

Hot Stuff: Here's A New TV Series To Unleash Your Inner Environmental Defender

Chances are, you've already taken small steps to be a little greener, perhaps like carrying a reusable water bottle or turning off the lights when you leave a room. And our country, as a matter of fact, is teeming with Earth-conscious individuals who consider being eco-friendly not a part-time thing but a full-on lifestyle, like current DENR secretary Gina Lopez, who'll surely get you motivated by the work she's doing for our environment, around our neighborhoods, and even on the city rooftops to ensure that the planet's future is a bright one. 

We all know how Ms. Gina has been influencing thousands of people around the globe to ignite a revolution. And this time around, she levels up her crusade through lifestyle TV series G Diaries which will highlight the ecotourism sites in the Philippines. The show aims to inspire everyone with the stories of communities who are transformed from being destroyers to defenders and protectors of the environment. They will also cover everything about the inspiring and transformational travel stories showcasing the preservation and protection of our country's tourist gems.

G Diaries is being developed by the talented, world-renowned Will Harper, who also conceptualized, produced, and directed a plethora of projects for Oprah, Clint Eastwood, Lenny Kravitz, Jamie Foxx, Warner Bros, Disney, Paramount, Universal, ABC, CBS, ESPN, Leo Burnett, Intuitive Entertainment, and many others.

G Diaries premieres on June 4 (Sunday) before ASAP on ABS-CBN. The episodes thereafter will air every Saturday 8 AM.

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