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In Focus: We Break Down The 8 Reasons Why #PilatesWorks

In Focus: We Break Down The 8 Reasons Why #PilatesWorks

Yep, it really does, and these strong, agile, and fit women are utmost testament to that.

We can give you a compilation of scientific research about all the wonderful benefits you can get from Pilates, but we won't—because meeting the girl squad of Onelife Yoga and Pilates Studio and listening to them talk about Pilates will be a more inspiring experience for you.


Why Pilates?

Fact: Doing a regular Pilates workout is one of the best ways to change the shape of your body. Incorporated with a healthy diet and regular cardio exercise, doing Pilates several days a week can definitely help tone your body and make your muscles longer and leaner over time. "It’s a kind of exercise system wherein it has a lot of focus on your core, and when I say core it requires a lot of core integration. Think of your core as the trunk of a tree. Pilates emphasizes to move your limbs which are your branches, so you really have to work from the core out and then from out to the core. Everything’s one integrated system," says Onelife Studio's Director Tanya Aguila.

Basically, Pilates aims to strengthen the body in an even way, with particular emphasis on core strength to improve general fitness and well being. Pilates is usually done on a mat or by using special equipment, such as the Reformer, the Cadillac, and Wunda Chair. And with its system of pulleys and springs, handles and straps, the apparatus can provide either resistance or support, depending on your needs.

"A lot of people may think that Pilates is just stretching, it’s very girly. But actually it’s very effective in building up the muscles uniformly. People think that you don’t burn any calories during a Pilates class and I won’t argue with that. Compared to a high-intensity sport, you do burn a lot more calories there, so the drastic weight loss is there, but once you stop doing those things you weren’t able to build up on muscles that you don’t usually use," she further explains.

"In Pilates, during a class, you will also be able to work on everything, even your deep inner muscles or the tiniest muscles you are able to use, so when you step out of the class there are actually a lot more muscles that need to be built which means throughout the day, the more muscles you have, the more calories you burn even outside your workout." 

Pilates is also a wonderful workout idea to do with friends—or if you want to meet new friends, which you'll surely have fun doing at Onelife, what with its community of lovely fitspos. Here's a closer look at the fit women of Onelife Studio: Hear their stories, know why they love Pilates, what keeps it fun and the other wonderful benefits you can get from it.


Who is your favorite Pilates buddy? "Nikki! Because I'm always with her, and I think that we're on the same level, we're both fitness enthusiasts. I cycle with her, I do Pilates with her, and I just love it that when we're being challenged we just laugh at it. I like to be with someone who can just be light and hard with me at the same time when it comes to fitness." —Anna Escalona, Events Host and Founder of FitKids


Why can you do Pilates for life? "I can do Pilates for life because I can do it with the people I love and it’s really a group workout. And when you see other people progress and get better every single class, it pushes me as well. And I like it even more because I get to meet with my friends and work out with my sister." —Arielle Escalona, Managing Director, Fruit Magic Pure Nectar


What's the biggest fitness benefit you get from Pilates? "The biggest fitness benefit that it gives me is on my posture: It corrected my posture. Because usually we form a habit that’s not good for our body as we do our daily routine and being able to get more aware of how our body is doing gives you an access on how to control or correct it. Plus, it also gives me more confidence on how I deal with everything in my life." —Anna Tolentino, Pilates and Yoga Instructor


What are your tips for first-timers? "Please go early, so that the instructors can teach you how to move the machine. If you’re a first-timer, go in early like 10-15 minutes early before class, so we can brief you through it because we don’t wanna keep other people waiting at the same time. When you’re early, we'll be able to brief you early. And don’t copy, don’t keep on copying the other person. Because what if the other person isn’t focused then you’re gonna do it wrong?"—Rissa dela Cruz, Pilates and Yoga Instructor


What is your favorite Pilates outfit? "I love leggings and any tight tops because there are poses that you need to bend and you don’t want your top or your leg will get over your head, and there are tops that tend to pull down. Whatever you wear for yoga, you can wear for Pilates. As long as it’s snug fit, not super tight, not too loose." —Kathy Hugo, One Life Studio Community Sales Officer


What is your ultimate Pilates goal? "The goal is to achieve the long term benefits that Pilates promises through continuous progress and commitment. All the benefits I'm noticing now—improved posture, a longer and leaner physique, toned muscles, and good mental health—I'd like to develop these in years and years to come. I like to keep the mindset that there will always be room for improvement and in order to achieve a goal, you have to be prepared to work hard for it." Karla Ong, One Life Studio Community PR and Marketing Officer and ZAP Account Executive


How did you get into Pilates? "It started a year ago or two years ago. My mom was diagnosed with slip disk that she got from standing for long period of hours and bending because of her job as a makeup artist. And as a makeup artist, sometimes you really have to bend to put makeup on people. I think that’s the main cause why she got a slip disk. Then, the doctor said that one of the ways to improve her posture is to do Pilates and my mom loved it, so she told me to do it as well." —Nikki Duque, Professional Makeup Artist


What do you love the most about Pilates? "I’m a workout freak. I try to do everything, and I tend to try everything once, but I keep on going back to Pilates because for me it’s really efficient. In 55 minutes you’re done, you’re able to access muscles that you don’t usually get to use, you’re able to change your posture, you’re also able to find that the mind and body connection really just zens you out. I find that I’ve tried a lot of systems, but nothing else compares to it in delivering the things that I just said." —Tanya Aguila, Director, Onelife Studio


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Photographs by Jana Jimenez




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