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In Focus: Wynn Wynn Ong's MetroWear Icon Show Celebrated The Best Of Two Worlds

In Focus: Wynn Wynn Ong's MetroWear Icon Show Celebrated The Best Of Two Worlds

For jeweler Wynn Wynn Ong, her passion is not limited to making intricate jewel pieces: To celebrate her 15th year in the industry, she levelled up her passion for design by collaborating  with fashion designers to come up with outfits that synergize with her jewelry pieces.

One of the many pieces on exhibit at MetroWear Icon.

“I did not want to be just about jewelry or just about clothes; it has to make sense. One has to spring into the other, and each piece had to make sense for the whole collection,” Wynn Wynn said during MetroWear Icon last November 15 at EDSA Shangri-La, where her collaborative pieces, along with a curation of her works through the years, were showcased to a select audience. Collaborating with top designers like Joey Samson, Ivarluski Aseron, and Cary Santiago, she was happy to see her vision come to life. 

This gown by Cary Santiago is sexy and elegant at the same time.


Wynn Wynn's collaborators posing behind their creations.


Among the highlights of the night include Wynn Wynn collaborating with designer Milka Quin for a nightwear collection. "My ideas were already on sketch, but we would sit down and we would talk about it. [Milka] has the expertise, and I wanted to make sure my vision was translated," Wynn Wynn shared.

Just as how Wynn Wynn envisioned, the jewelry and clothes complement one another in this collection in collaboration with Quin.


Model-photographer Jo Ann Bitangcol, still every bit the supermodel, closed the show.


All of the pieces under Wynn Wynn and Milka's nightwear collection.


As for the post-fashion show exhibit, Wynn Wynn explains  that since she never repeats the design of her pieces, she sought the help of her friends who have her jewelry pieces to have them pulled out temporarily for her post-fashion show exhibit. “I had to call them because I make a limited number of pieces each year, and I never repeat the design,” she explains, “Once it’s gone, it’s gone.”

Asked about her favorite among the pieces she has made, Wynn Wynn referred to this tree scuplture called the Ayuya, an advent tree candelabra made out of three separate trees, and has 12 doors, with each door containing a scroll of an animal sketch.


Ong's team had to fly this particular piece, a chandelier with elaborate flower and leaf details, all the way from Hawaii in order for it to be exhibited and appreciated by invited guests.


Wynn Wynn is known for her eye for detail, just like the beading done to this bird piece in gold-plated silver.


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Banner photograph by Daniel Soriano for Metro Magazine




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