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Cheat Sheet: Professional Online Makeup Tutors for Boosting Your Know-How

Cheat Sheet: Professional Online Makeup Tutors for Boosting Your Know-How

The internet is filled, no, actually bursting to the brim with makeup tutorials. It's easy to get confused with who to follow online and who to trust when it comes to proper, detailed makeup techniques for enhancing your appearance. For the ultimate perfectionists among you, I recommend some of the world's best and trusted professional makeup artists who carve out time to create easy-to-follow video tutorials for all of us. To note, three of them are British, two were mentored by one of them on the list.


1.  Lisa Eldridge (@lisaeldridgemakeup). To me, Lisa is more than a celebrity makeup artist, she's a long-distance makeup mentor. She started her online channel around six years ago and about nearly a year from that time I discovered it.  


Lisa has been doing high fashion and celebrity makeup for over 20 years and has been creative director for brands like Shiseido, No.7 cosmetics, and now currently Lancome.  A few of her known clients are Kate Winslet, Keira Knightley, and more recently she did Gigi Hadid for Dazed magazine. Lisa is also married to Robin Derrick, Creative Director of British Vogue


2.  Charlotte Tilbury (@charlottetilbury). Celebrity makeup artist, Charlotte Tilbury, is now globally known for her luxury makeup brand that has encouraged women of all ages to do their own makeup with passion and flair, while getting giddy over the products they use. Charlotte oozes with charm and charisma and you can't help but get drawn in when she gushes about techniques, color, and texture. Charlotte is known for her techniques in exceptionally done smoldering, smoky eyes.  


She did Kate Moss' makeup for her wedding, she's also done Rihanna and many others. Charlotte has also done makeup on the beautiful models that grace the catwalk on the Victoria's Secret fashion show. Both Charlotte and Lisa have their names in the limelight now, but they also owe a lot of what they know to the last woman on this list.


3. Jordan Liberty (@jordanliberty). Jordan's makeup work can be seen in Allure, On Makeup, Glamour and Make-Up Artist Magazine. His online video tutorials are cutting-edge, practical, QUICK, and professionally shot by him as well.  He also works very, very quickly and does not use product sparingly... he's generous with makeup and lots of people like that, too.


Jordan's major edge as a professional is he is also a photographer and videographer. I wouldn't be surprised if he actually edited some of his own videos, too, if he wasn't overwhelmed with makeup and photography work.


4. Ayami Nishimura (@ayaminishimura). Here's some love going out to the self-taught among you. It's really all about how far you're willing to take yourself, and how much you're willing to absorb and take in.  Ayami Nishimura was born and raised in Japan and eventually moved to London to pursue her career.  She's known for her clean and artistic technique, daring use of color and alternative products, and out-of-the-box avante garde, artistic makeup techniques that have caught the attention of Lady Gaga among other celebrities and high-fashion designers.  


Some of Ayami's celebrity clients include Lady Gaga, MIA, and Kylie Minogue. Today, though I've provided a wearable makeup tutorial of hers. Her work is constantly seen in these publications: Vogue, Dazed, Teen Vogue, American & UK Bazaar, Self Service, Another Magazine, LOVE magazine, Purple, i-D, NUMERO, V, and 10 Magazine. 


5. Mary Greenwell (@marygreenwell). Mary Greenwell is a living, breathing makeup artist icon. She was Princess Diana's makeup artist and trusted confidant and has done many a supermodel in her day. Mary's a half-bit more low-key than other celebrity makeup artists online but continues to work on clients with her encouraging and doting spirit and has never stopped enthusing about skincare and makeup. Mary doesn't have her own channel but once in awhile gets called in to do tutorials for various publications or webisodes of other channels. Her approach is very "slap-dash" but with some form of magic ends up looking more natural and flawless than many less exeperienced artists who tend to stiffen in concentration over each feature.  

"In her 30 plus years in the biz, Greenwell has painted the faces of some of the most iconic (a phrase you know we don’t just throw around) women. Like, Princess Diana (!!), Kate Moss, Cindy Crawford, and practically every inimitable supermodel from the Supers' heyday. " -


Mary's work is more freeflowing and trusting of strokes and letting the products and practical techniques work for you. She's a bit of a non-conformist in what works for her evident in her shunning makeup brushes when possible, decantered makeup palettes, and preferring to apply lipstick straight from the bullet.  


When some people first see her approach, at first they don't take her seriously upon seeing her carefree approach to application. I'd give her a second thought especially when you see the finished product, but know that Cate Blanchett trusts Mary primarily for her face and that Lisa Eldridge and Charlotte Tilbury apprenticed with Mary before becoming the makeup artists they are today.


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