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Cheat Sheet: How To Get The Perfect Cat Eye

Cheat Sheet: How To Get The Perfect Cat Eye

If you've ever tried to put on eyeliner, you know the struggle is real!

More likely than not, you get one perfect line on one eye and a really crooked, unmatched line on the other. 

There are a lot of quick tutorials on Instagram. From just doing brows, eyes, to doing the whole face, a lot of it are Kylie Jenner pegs.


Well, techiniques vary from starting from the inner corner of the eye going out, or from the outer corner of the eye going in. 

Illustraded below shows:

1. Doing the line first and then the flick.

2. After drawing the flick, we connect the tip of the flick to about 3/4 of the line we've already made. 

3. Fill in the space in between lines.


Well, we’ve got a secret to tell you... TAPE!  Yes, even just the ordinary tape we have at home.

How it's done:

1. Make sure to apply the tape first on the back of your hand to remove excess adhesive. 

2. Angle the tape diagonally, following the bottom outer curve of your eye towards your temple.

3. And then fill. Go as high as you want with your wing.


Now go and practice! You will someday achieve how these girls wing it! 


And don't forget to have fun while doing so!  



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Photographs from,,,, and Illustration by Jana Jimenez




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