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Daily Diaries: How Are These A-List Stars Chilling At Random This 'Ber Season?

Daily Diaries: How Are These A-List Stars Chilling At Random This 'Ber Season?

I love how random people are well, random, and that doesn't change even for famous people. I quickly wondered and decided to sneak a peek at what some of them have been up to. It's interesting to see what they do with their off duty moments this 'ber weather season just before the holidays.  


1. Amanda Seyfried (@mingey). Amanda seems to have gotten into weaving for this holiday season and it looks quite fun and therapeutic, actually. I wonder if this might turn out to be a gift.


2. Tom Hanks (@tomhanks). Tom seems to have a penchant for finding lost things in the midst of cold weather. It's quite odd but funny at the same time. Lost gloves are a recurring theme, because people often remove one to use their smart phones or do errands then accidentally leave them behind. 


3. Kylie Jenner (@kyliejenner). This girl doesn't stop, she's at "werq" again and has a fresh baked makeup collaboration with her ever cool and current sister Khloe Kardashian. The Koko collection by Kylie and Khloe includes three liquid lipsticks and a gloss. It's a limited edition package and as far as I can tell, for sure, sold out already. Try and track down a reseller if you can. There are tons.


4. Jennifer Lopez (@jLo). Beautiful as ever and strutting winterwear, the ever exuberant and lovely Jennifer Lopez steps out clad in beautiful dewy makeup and a cozy yet chic parka. The years hardly show.


5. Hugh Jackman (@thehughjackman). Last, but definitely not the least... this may definitely be one of the best shared secrets, I think, online this Christmas season. Hugh Jackman took a clear photo of his mother's Bread Pudding recipe. Yes, you bet I'm going to be testing it out in the kitchen just before Christmas!


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