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On This Day (Nov 14): Supermoon Sighting, Inigo Pascual's Secret Talent, And More

On This Day (Nov 14): Supermoon Sighting, Inigo Pascual's Secret Talent, And More

Here’s what you might have missed out today:


1. Supermoon sighting tonight! Did you spot the Supermoon? The moon got closest to the earth earlier today, since January 26, 1948. According to PAG-ASA, the supermoon began at 7:21PM, reaching full moon at 9:52PM. The next time we will be able to see the moon this close? That will be on November 26, 2034.


2. Iñigo Pascual’s secret talent. In today’s Magandang Buhay episode, Iñigo Pascual showed off a skill you wouldn't have imagined her had: Impersonating the voices of James Reid and Erik Santos. Even the momshies were sold on this God-given talent of Iñigo.


3. Chef Tatung’s skinless longganisa recipe. Alab Restaurant’s Chef Tatung dropped by the set of Umagang Kay Ganda to demonstrate his skinless longganisa recipe. Among his secrets include using cold ground pork with more fat content, using rock or sea salt over iodized salt.



4. Sympathies for New Zealand. Everyone's prayers go out to the residents of New Zealand, following a 7.8 magnitude earthquake, where two are confirmed killed as of this writing.




5. A Nutella burger? Yes, you can have a “burger” for dessert in the form of McDonald’s latest offering. Currently part of Italy’s McCafe, the burger substitutes the patty for a generous serving of Nutella Hazelnut spread. Sinfully delicious indeed! Now if McDonald's would consider bringing this to our shores… 



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Banner photograph: Supermoon from 2011. Nutella burger photograph from the McDonalds Italy Facebook page.




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