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Cheat Sheet: Gift-Wrap And Upcycle With Pretty Newspaper And Magazines

Cheat Sheet: Gift-Wrap And Upcycle With Pretty Newspaper And Magazines

While I wouldn’t go with just any old newspaper for giftwrapping, the Financial Times makes the cut because it’s cheerfully peach-tinted. Plus, the paper and print quality makes for a presentable parcel. These pretty papers have been just stacked around here after Mom reads them (she buys her FT issues from Fully Booked).  I stay away from the grey papers but some papers have a beige tinge you can work with as well.


I decided I could dress them up by making folded bows and origami accents. However it’s much harder to do origami with newspaper, it’s not as stiff in weight so it doesn’t hold creases as well, it still works with effort put in. Here's a newspaper rose I did as an accent, then as a pop of color inside I stored most of the press kit confetti I got from other packages earlier in the year and recycled that to "prettify" my wrapping.


You can also make use of more heavy, glossy/semi-glossy paper taking up space at home, like fashion or business magazines.  


So if you clear out your paper clutter just remember there's still much use you can get out of those stacks of paper and magazines. Broaden your imagination and get rid of those gift wrapping blues by making it fun while upcycling simultaneously and productively! 


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Photography and gift-wrap styling by Julia Arenas




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