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The Six Fix: These Hotties Will Convince You To Switch To Team Long Hair

The Six Fix: These Hotties Will Convince You To Switch To Team Long Hair

Their long locks give them a sexy edge over them clean cut boys, that if you once thought long hair doesn't just quite cut it on guys, they'll surely make you reconsider. Meet the long-haired cuties who are definitely breaking the tress norm, in style, whom we bet you won't be able to keep yourself from swooning over:


1. Tommy Esguerra (Instagram @tommyesguerra). Whether he has his hair down or in braids, Tommy definitely makes his fans swoon with his pretty boy look. Before becoming the 2nd Big Placer of Pinoy Big Brother 737, Tommy started his career as a model for both ramp and commercial, and long hair has always been his signature look.


2. Kirst Viray (Instagram @kirstviray). Kirst doesn't just rock long hair... he's rockin' it with facial hair. Plus, look at those smoldering eyes! Aside from being a commercial and ramp model, Kirst is also a culinary student, so he isn't just eye candy, he'll also surely be able to make your mouth water with his excellent kitchen know-how.


3. Yuki Sakamoto (Instagram @yukisakamoto). Yuki, a Filipino-Japanese model, definitely knows how to work both the mic and his locks on stage! He is a model and a singer who recently joined reality singing contest, Pinoy Boy Band Superstar


4. Gil Cuerva (Instagram @gilcuerva). Gil is one of the most versatile models of his generation both locally and internationally, and was even based in Hong Kong for a while where he got booked for jobs left and right. We are digging Gil's carefree, laidback look. And of course, we love guys who love puppies, too (isn't he so adorable in that leftmost photo???)! 


5. Jake Cuenca (Instagram @juancarloscuenca). We've seen Jake grow up on TV—a veteran actor who continues to evolve both as an actor and a stylesetter. Among the many looks he has tried, being long-haired is the one that truly brought out his edgy-artsy personality. We're totally loving this rockstar vibe he's got going on!


6. Noah Webb (@noahhasawalrus). If that surname sounds familiar, it is because it is: Noah is the grandson of Philippine basketball legend Freddie Webb so naturally, this young man is gifted with legit hardcourt skills as well. He is currently on his second year playing the forward position for the UP Fighting Maroons, with a noteworthy performance in the historic run of the Diliman squad (first time in 11 years for them to get more than four wins) this Season 79.


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