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In Focus: Why This Eye Doctor Is Every Girl's Dream Come True

In Focus: Why This Eye Doctor Is Every Girl's Dream Come True

Apparently, it's not hard to find a guy who has it all—the modern fairytale-type of prince charming that will sweep you off your feet with his dashing good looks, bright mind, and brave and genuine heart. If you just look through Instagram and search for Mark Agas a.k.a the hottest eye doctor in the Philippines, you'll know what we mean.

In as much as this almost perfect guy could be the perfect happy pill, we're sorry but he's already taken (yup, he's dating model Kara Gozali), but instead of growing green with envy, we'll just serve you with this cutie's goodness—how, in our books, Mark is the type of guy on every girl's wishlist. We can still admire him—his cute..




And serious faces that get hearts a-thumping with so much kilig.


Aside from his good genes, he's fasyon in many ways, too! He sidelines as a model when he's not on duty, and never fails to look put together in his oufit combinations! Other times, he lets his other half do the styling—like in this photo. We can see the touches his lady love added here (the colors) but he carries it in such a manly way, we can't help but swoon.


"True service that comes from the heart," captions Mark. It's not everyday that you'll bump into someone who's so passionate about catering to other's needs (in this case, eye problems). Maybe make an appointment for a check up with this opthalmologist as your Christmas present? *wink*


He's got the tiger blood running through his veins and he's proud of it! This showcase of love for his alma mater is a sign of loyalty and pride—additional pogi points.

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He's witty, too! If you scroll through his Instagram account, you'll not only be rewarded by photo after photo of his glorious, handsome looks, but you'll also get a peek at how deep and intelligent this man is. You might even get valuable advice there (he likes peppering his captions with legit life advice).


And he's pun-ny, too. This type of guy always wins a girl over, no doubt, as he's too adorable for words.


Plus, when he's taken, he is taken—there's no questioning his devotion to the woman he loves.

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