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In Focus: The Different Faces Of Hideo Muraoka

In Focus: The Different Faces Of Hideo Muraoka

For most of us, we first came to know of Hideo Muraoka via the hit reality TV show Pinoy Big Brother earlier this year. But if you've been a follower of this hunk, you know that he has been an in demand face for runway shows and campaigns for years now, and was part of the original wave of foreign models (the Brapanese bunch) that arrived in the country about half a decade ago.

How can you not swoon over him?

But being a model and celebrity aside, this cutie can wear many faces and still look good. Here are the different facets of Hideo that will convince you that yep, guys like him exist IRL.

Back in Brazil where he grew up, he once dreamt of being a lawyer, but then he decided to pursue and conquer the modeling world. Despite the dream that was, we think he still fits the bill—handsomely (and stylishly) at that.


Aside from his modeling gigs, he frequently brings his camera to places he go to. One to have an eye for beauty, he takes photos of his travels, family, and everything under the sun.

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Of course, to maintain that physique, he's a regular at gyms. Pumping up his routines are his thing—he keeps his headphones on so he can groove to the beats while working out!


As earlier mentioned, he's a big traveler. His adventurous self has brought him to different places—like to this Zambales adventure. Who wouldn't want to hop on a boat and be inspired by his wanderlust, especially in exploring local destinations here?


But the best hat he ever wears is him being a family man. Here with his daughter, Daniela, and life partner, Fatima Rabago, who to him are his most cherished people in this world. Proud daddy, he indeed is!

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And a sweet lover, too. Isn't this so kilig?


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Photographs by Jazon Roque. Other photographs from




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