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Cheat Sheet: 10 Ways To Raise Breast Cancer Awareness And Help Save Lives A La Elizabeth Hurley

Cheat Sheet: 10 Ways To Raise Breast Cancer Awareness And Help Save Lives A La Elizabeth Hurley

Fact: Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer among women all over the world and it has such a huge impact on those who have fought it and continue to fight it every single day. To show support and raise awareness of the disease, the month of October has been declared as Breast Cancer Awareness month in many countries.

One of the goals is to raise funds for research on what causes it, how to prevent it, and its diagnosis, treatment, and cure. Many companies and organizations have joined the cause by launching their own campaigns that further broaden its reach and strengthen the spirit of global solidarity, like British fashion designer Stella McCartney, whose own mother died of breast cancer in 1998. Since 2014, McCartney has been designing a lingerie collection in support of the cause that’s really close to her heart. Following the footsteps of supermodels Kate Moss in 2014, and Cara Delevingne in 2015, actress, host, and comedienne Chelsea Handlers fronts this year’s campaign.


Another inspiring initiative is The Estee Lauder Companies’ annual Breast Cancer Awareness (BCA) Campaign, that encourages people around the world to “Take action together to defeat breast cancer” this 2016.


This year, the BCA Campaign spotlights the true impact of togetherness by connecting a variety of influencers to bring their diverse backgrounds and perspectives to our global community.


To empower people worldwide to take action against the disease, bloggers, media personalities and authors to chefs, fitness gurus, and medical experts, share a range of advice, tips, and resources designed to encourage action in ways that inspire, support others, and promote health and wellness.

And the battle continues even after October. All of us in our own simple ways, can help and contribute in the worldwide mission that is to defeat breast cancer. Here actress, model, swimwear designer, farmer, and mom Elizabeth Hurley, who is one of Estee Lauder's BCA's global ambassadors, shares some of her ways in continually making a difference in the world, that will definitely inspire us to do the same.


1. "I always keep a pink ribbon pin on my dressing table as a constant reminder to do what I can in this fight. I see it every morning when I start my day and every evening before bed; it’s a symbol of hope and inspiration for me.

2. "I do my best to be there for friends and loved ones battling this disease and try to alleviate their stress as much as I can, even if it’s something as simple as holding their hand at a doctor’s appointment or taking care of the grocery shopping for the week.

3. "I send handwritten letters to those I care about who are in need of support; nothing beats the feeling of receiving a special, thoughtful note in the mail.

4. "I continue important traditions set forth by my wonderful mentor and dear friend, the late Evelyn Lauder. Together, Evelyn and I lit up iconic buildings throughout the world in glowing pink lights and I’m proud to continue illuminating these landmarks today to remind people around the world to continue taking action together."

5. "I’m a big believer in home cooking and avoid takeout and processed foods. I much prefer to whip up healthy options like green soups, whizzing together fresh ingredients such as cooked peas and spinach in a delicious vegetable broth."

6. "I stay active and rarely sit still for long. I love taking my four crazy dogs on long walks in the country and enjoy Pilates classes a few times a week."

7. "I schedule a mammogram each year on my birthday and encourage women around the world to do the same. It’s very important to be proactive about your health."

8. "Each year, I travel the world to spread important messages about breast health and the need to raise funds for research to find a cure. I feel so proud every time I meet someone who tells me that they’ve scheduled a health checkup because of something I’ve said or done."

9. "I teach my son about the importance of healthy eating; we grow most of our vegetables on our organic farm and try to eat as many fruit and vegetables as we can."

10. "I have the honor of speaking with and learning from some of the world’s finest researchers who are working tirelessly toward a cure."


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