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Cheat Sheet: Change The World, Leonardo DiCaprio Style

Cheat Sheet: Change The World, Leonardo DiCaprio Style

There's no doubt that Leonardo DiCaprio is a great role model when it comes to humanitarian work, what with his efforts not just as a philanthropist and climate change warrior, but also with how he integrates his advocacies into the movies he has produced and starred in the past few years (the latest being The Revenant, where he spoke about climate change during his acceptance speech at the Oscars).

So, how can we be like Leo? We look at issues close to Leo’s heart, and teach you how you can do your part in supporting these causes:


1. Climate change awareness. As one of the biggest faces fronting climate change awareness, Leo has been talking about climate change often on his Instagram account. Recently, he has released his documentary Before the Flood, (which you can watch for free), where he compiled his learnings from three years of interacting with various people about climate change.

Be Like Leo: Join in on the government’s efforts in addressing climate change by submitting your own climate change adaptation project via the People’s Survival Fund.


2. Protecting animal wildlife. In addition to his staunch support when it comes to raising awareness against climate change, Leo also cares about animals as well, doing his role in preventing several endangered species from becoming extinct. Among Leo’s contributions to the protection of animals include the documentary Ivory Game, which explores the dark world of ivory trade and the threat African Elephants are facing (you can stream this documentary through Netflix). Here’s a trailer to give you an idea about this documentary:

Be Like Leo: Volunteer at the Philippine Animal Welfare Society, and help give stray dogs and cats adequate shelter or find owners willing to adopt and take care of them. 


3. Indigenous people’s rights. Still remember the movie Blood Diamond back in 2006, which brought light to the Sierra Leone civil war? It wasn't just Leo's performance that was very notable; his experience was also one-of-a-kind, as it was here where he became more aware of the rights of indigenous people, and the dangers they face from large corporations. How much he has learned from this has been evident as he mentioned about protecting indigenous people during his acceptance speech at the Golden Globes this year.

Be Like Leo: Help out through various NGOs focused on empowering indigenous people (IP). For starters, you can join Sen. Loren Legarda’s plight in empowering IPs through her various projects promoting their culture, which include weaving and tribal dances.


4. Renewable resources. In line with promoting sustainable development, Leo promotes renewable and green energy, particularly the use of solar energy. While he discussed the topic with entrepreneur Elon Musk on Before the Flood, Leo is also making his private island resort at Blackadore Caye sustainable through the installation of solar panels and by creating facilities for treating waste and rainwater. 

Be Like Leo: The next time you add improvements to your home, consider changing your bulbs and appliances to energy efficient ones, Should you have some money to spare, installing solar panels at home is a good idea as well should you want to reduce your carbon footprint.


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Banner photograph from Leonardo DiCaprio's Official Facebook page




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