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Get rid of your hangover, pronto

Get rid of your hangover, pronto

Your motto: Party hard, think of the consequences later—and with all the new hip and happening clubs in the city, you've got even more reasons to party harder. The morning after doesn't look pretty, though, with your hangover taking centerstage, but who says you can't beat it to a pulp? The great news is, you don't really need to always have medicine handy: Some of the most effective hangover cures can actually be found right in your refrigerator.

Fruits. Fruits contain sugars which help increases your body's rate of trying to flush out the toxins from all the alcohol you took. Your best bets are bananas for their potassium content (helps replenish electrolytes in your system) and fibrous fruits such as papayas because they help cleanse you off of the remaining toxins in your body and replenishes all the vitamins and nutrients you lost in the process.

Eggs. For starters, eggs contain cysteine that cleans up acetaldehyde a.k.a the chemical compund responsible for the hangover feeling. Fried egg helps absorb leftover toxins and the saturated fat in them helps save your brains cells from whatever harm alcohol has done to them.

Tea. A classic detox miracle worker, green tea with rosemary or lavender (try TWG Tea's selection) drives away feelings of nausea and calms your stomach. And of course, the antioxidants are good for your system.

Coconut Water. A good replacement for fruits to cure your hangover is coconut water for instant rehydration. Trivia: A single serving has more potassium than a banana, and as you know, potassium is your ultimate BFF when it comes to easing the symptoms of a hangover. While it's not easy to find fresh coconut in the city, packaged coconut water like Vita Coco (it has all the potassium you need but has low sugar content so you don't need to worry about your waistline).

Aid these natural hangover cures with exercise, if your body can handle it. We know it's pretty hard considering the bad effects of a hangover, but getting your blood pumping will have your liver working faster to get rid of the alcohol in your system—just keep in mind to hydrate yourself constantly during your activity, okay?

Vita Coco is available at leading stores and supermarkets, TWG Tea is at Power Plant Mall, Newport Mall, and Rustan's.





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