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Cheat Sheet: Tone Your Body While Stuck In Traffic

Cheat Sheet: Tone Your Body While Stuck In Traffic

Lets face it: We can barely escape traffic nowadays. Traffic is part of our daily lives and, sadly, takes away a good amount of time from our day. And the truth is it becomes one of the reasons why we just refuse to do some things. “Nakakatamad kasi ang traffic!”

There is nothing we really can do to improve the flow of traffic (if only we have a superpower to, no?), but to just sit idly and let it be? Wrong! We can actually exercise on the way to work, or even on our way to anywhere we are going to.

Just imagine the cumulative amount of time that we spend in traffic and translate those hours to workout hours or gym time. Right? So much time wasted.

Here are a few moves we can do in such a small space that will definitely help our bodies get fitter and make time pass by fruitfully:

(If you are the driver, make sure to only perform these steps during a complete stop.)

1. Start with a neutral position, your feet hip-width apart while flat on the floor.

2. Take notice of your breathing. Begin to inhale as much as you can and exhale slowly. This will calm the mind and reduce any stress or anxiety.

3. Stretch your neck, bending it from side to side, and then press your chin towards your neck, then tilt your head back (eyes towards the ceiling). Hold each position for a couple of seconds and then repeat the cycle.


4. Round your shoulders from front to back. You should feel your shoulder blades shifting. And then reverse. Do 5-8 times each direction.


5. Flex your abdominal muscles and try to crouch gently. Hold the position for about 10 seconds while breathing and then go back to neutral position. Repeat each step for 8-10 times or until you feel muscle fatigue.

6. Squeeze those glutes! Yes, squeeze your butt muscles, holding each squeeze for about 5 seconds each. Repeat this 10-12 times. It’ll sure awaken those muscles!

7. Do calf raises. Start with your feet flat on the floor and tiptoe. Do as much as you please.

8. Raise each leg one at a time and rotate your ankles clockwise. Do around 5 times each and then rotate counter clockwise.

You may repeat the cycle until you reach your destination. Hope you get the most out of your travel time!


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