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In Focus: 10 Filipino Dishes That Always Feel Like Home

In Focus: 10 Filipino Dishes That Always Feel Like Home

While every country boasts of splendid cuisine, from Mexico's tacos and Italy's pizza and pasta, to Spain's paella and Japan's sushi, I'm sure you'll agree that there's nothing quite like Pinoy dishes—albeit some of these hits are only variations of popular ones from other countries, Filipinos have done such a good job on putting a twist that's uniquely our own to these now can't-live-without-party-food.

I'm also sure you have many fond memories of celebrations teeming with these specialty dishes. Why not make more by serving these at your next event, or even simply preparing them for a chill night at home?


1. Sweet Spaghetti. This is an all time favorite. Both children and the elders love this! The sweet yet tangy flavors are a sure hit!

Recipe here: Food Hack: Jolly Spaghetti


2. Red Hotdog with Marshmallow on a Stick. Who would have thought that a savory item would go well with candy; specifically marshmallow? Its cuteness also definitely brightens up any table spread!

Recipe here: Marshmallow & Hot Dog Finger Food


3. Barbecue. This easy to prepare dish is a meat lover's go-to! The best part is that it's even easier to eat!

Recipe here: How To Make Pork Barbecue On The Grill, Filipino Stye


4. Chicken Lollipop. It's like a bite-sized version of fried chicken! Easy to eat and just dunk into your favorite dip!

Recipe here: Chicken Lollipop Recipe


5. Cheese Sticks. Children love cheese. And this love for cheese, to tell you the truth, actually never dies. This easy-to-prepare dish is on top of the list for appetizers.

Recipe here: Cheese Sticks


6. Dynamite Sticks. For those who love cheese stick but want to kick it up a notch, this is definitely for you!

Recipe here: Easy Dynamite (Chili Cheese Sticks)


7. Lumpiang Shanghai. The dish that works best both as appetizer and “ulam”!

Recipe here: Lumpiang Shanghai Recipe


8. Pancit. Our Filipino version of the Chinese birthday noodles. You got your veggies, carbs, and protein all in one filling dish.

Recipe here: Chicken Pancit Medley


9. Fruit Salad. This simple yet full of flavors dish is a favorite among the young and old whether served chilled or frozen!

Recipe here: Filipino Fruit Salad


10. Mango float. A dessert that's prepared with just a handful of ingredients yet looks very sophisticated.

Recipe here: Mango Float


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