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In Focus: How Basic Stretching Improves Your Body

In Focus: How Basic Stretching Improves Your Body

Who knew stretching can actually tone your body?!

If there is a joke about someone forgetting leg day at the gym, how about forgetting stretch day? You're definitely missing out on a lot, we tell you. Because if there is one thing we should not forget to incorporate in our exercise calendar, it's stretching—here are major benefits you get from stretching:


1. It greatly decreases the chances of injury to any physical activity. If your body gets so used to the same repetitive activity, you may later on suffer from overuse injury. Stretching lets your muscles get warmed up and prepared even for normal daily activities your body will do.



2. It strengthens and mobilizes joints to help improve flexibility that increases our range in motion, by loosening tight muscles and tendons that may affect our correct posture. If certain muscles groups are not stimulated, the muscles that are at work will overcompensate and not let you do the proper form.


3. It helps heal our muscles faster by increasing blood flow and oxygen supply to our vital organs and our brain.  It boosts our energy, making us feel more awake.


4. It helps not only the body but awakens the mind, relieving it of stress. When stretching, you release endorphins. These are chemicals in your body that make you feel good! And since you can stretch anytime, anywhere, it's a very convenient mood booster.


Oh, and hottie Zac Efron is a firm believer in stretching (listen closely at the 1:34 mark).


Here's a quick stretching workout you can do. Enjoy!


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