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In Focus: 8 Wonderful Things About Drinking Water That Will Convince You To Gulp Down More Of It

In Focus: 8 Wonderful Things About Drinking Water That Will Convince You To Gulp Down More Of It

Important fact: Water takes up to 50-65% of our bodies, averaging on 57-60%, so having an adequate amount of water intake is definitely vital for maintaining a healthy body.

Now, if you need more convincing to drop that soda and finally gulp more H2O, we list down eight wonderful reasons we bet you'll have a hard time saying no to:


1. Water helps control calories. A lot of those who are on a diet drink a lot of water as an approach for weight loss. Why? Because water can increase satiety and boost metabolic rate. Besides chugging down more water, choosing foods that are water-rich is a good route to take as well. They make for healthier alternatives and tend to be more filling. Foods that have high water content tend to be larger, and are absorbed more slowly by the body, examples are oats, beans, fruits, and vegetables.


2. Water detoxifies you. For many years, people have been visiting bathhouses for water therapy. To recreate the effects at home without having to dip in water, simply drink it. Water intake rids our body of toxins through sweat and urine.


3. Water helps deliver oxygen all over the body. Your blood that contains a lot of water, carries oxygen to all the cells in your body. This, in turn, helps improve mood and rids of anxiety.


4. Water fights off sickness. Your body needs water to produce lymph. Lymph carries white blood cells and other immune systems cells from the thymus and bone marrow to the rest of the body. So yes, simply put, the more lymph, the healthier your immune system is.


5. Water prevents allergy symptoms. Did you know that dehydration triggers histamine production


6. Water keeps you looking young. Dehydration = dryness and wrinkles. Hydrating from the inside a.k.a drinking lots of water and makes the skin more radiant and corrects your complexion.


7. Water tones muscles. When you are dehydrated and your kidneys don’t work to their full potential, your liver has to compensate. Instead of your liver burning fat, your liver has to work twice as hard to get rid of toxins. Hydrating your muscles avoid muscle fatigue.


8. Best part, water does not have calories, sugars, fat, or carbohydrates!


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