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Hot Stuff: Wear Your Love For Disney On Your Face And On Your Feet!

Hot Stuff: Wear Your Love For Disney On Your Face And On Your Feet!

Disney fans, rejoice! Just a few days ago, Emma Watson's first photos as Belle for the upcoming live-action production of Beauty and the Beast were released. The 26-year old actress stuns in Belle's iconic yellow gown, alongside the princely Beast, played by Dan Stevens. 

First she’s a wizard and now, a Disney princess! Emma once again made our hearts flutter as we saw a glimpse of her portrayal of the beautiful character in the sneak peek of the highly-anticipated film. This movie, due to be released on March 17, 2017, is the latest in a string of interpretations of Disney’s classic animated fairytales. 


Classics are usually not to be tinkered with, but Emma seems to be putting a fresh spin on her character Belle that we can’t help but fawn over. 


She looks beautiful in the yellow dress for the iconic dancing scene in the upcoming movie. The dress is a little bit simpler than the one from the 1991 Disney animated movie. The yellow gown sparkles and shines, and we love how it’s different from the original. In short, it’s perfect.


Yes, we strongly believe that every girl never gets too old for Disney princesses. There's always something magical about the way Disney captivates us—as a kid and as grown-ups. And here, we think that child-like wonder is similar to the euphoria we feel every time we discover a new shade of lipstick, a new makeup collection, and cute fashion finds.

And just our luck, two cute collections that manage to take these two powerful loves of ours and make us broke (yet happy!) with must-have producst are here. They're perfect for millenial Disney-loving you (and friends):


Take a look at these adorable Minnie-inspired shoe styles from Keds (P2,500) available in red, black, and white combined with the brand's iconic blue. Kawaii to the highest level!

Embrace your inner Disney princess with these pretty shades of lipstick from Happy Skin (P1,299 for two) where each character is associated with a shade that would help you channel that particular princess!

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