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Hot Stuff: Fish 2 Ways And That Salted Egg Chips Craze—Where To Get Your Fix Locally

Hot Stuff: Fish 2 Ways And That Salted Egg Chips Craze—Where To Get Your Fix Locally

I just happened to look down at our dining table today and I realized we were having fish in two yummy ways, raw and fried in a popular snack. First, our manang served us her special kilawin / fish ceviche (Tip: Add torn kaffir lime leaves, and some calamansi juice also to the vinegar for citrus freshness in a basic kilawin recipe). The other fish thing is the Fish Skin version of that Singaporean salted egg chips craze that has swept the nation since the latter part of summer this year (Irvins is the famous brand from Singapore).


This particular brand called Irvins is more difficult to get and always sold out from the original source abroad by 2PM, they say, there are some stockists locally but a steady stream of stock of this brand is not easy to come by. Salted egg potato chip versions are the wide favorite versus this fish version. There are lots of local brands of salted egg chips now but two I know sold locally that are topnotch based on my personal experience and by friends' recommendations are these:


1. ANDY'S GOOD EATS. On Instagram @andysgoodeats / Call +632-8971676 / Visit them at Gourmet Corner, San Antonio Plaza, Forbes Park, Makati City. This one I've tried personally and have since had like... gosh, around three tubs of it last October? I can't tell the difference between these and the Irvins Salted Egg Potato chips, to be honest.


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2. HOUSE OF CRISPS. On Instagram @houseofcrisps / Text (don't call) +63925-3028719 / E-mail / Visit them at Salcedo Market every Saturday of 2016. This brand I personally haven't tried, but friends who've tried and lots who have followed them online have nothing but good things to say. They also have a Christmas package and ongoing promo for the holiday season.


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