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In Focus: Santino Rosales, Not Just His Father's Son, But A Hottie With A Charm All His Own

In Focus: Santino Rosales, Not Just His Father's Son, But A Hottie With A Charm All His Own

They say good things come in pairs, and when it comes to celebrity dads and their kids, it seems this couldn't be more true. And in showbiz where it's practically a requirement to be good-looking and talented, good gene pools are also practically guaranteed to be passed on from one generation to the next. And in the case of Santino Rosales, although it doesn't hurt to have a dad like iconic heartthrob Jericho Rosales, we love he's also got a charm all his own.

Yes, this guy might not be famous like his dad (yet) and doesn't even have plans on joining showbusiness, but Santino definitely deserves  just as much attention. 


Jericho definitely made sure that his son inherit his good fashion sense. Style tip for the boys: Play around a little and take those basic wardrobe pieces to create something a little different that's casual yet stylish.


Ever walked down the high street and passed this type of guy? You know the type—he's got a clean haircut, ideal height, and good boy looks. What else can you ask for if he's already blessed with impeccable grooming, a charming personality, and polished style? Near perfection, this cutie.


Jericho may not be an expert on parenting, but in an interview with Star Studio Magazine, he says that his idea of fatherhood is being able to listen and be there for your child. But anyway, you know what we're really talking about in this photo: Santino's killer bod. And we all know a fitness buff will definitely be able to inspire us in more ways than one, right?


We learned he's excited to further his career in football, and we're definitely watching.


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