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Cheat Sheet: 5 Admirable Kendall Jenner Traits You Should Totally Cop

Cheat Sheet: 5 Admirable Kendall Jenner Traits You Should Totally Cop

Considered by many to be different from the rest of the Kardashian / Jenner clan, Kendall worked her way up the modeling industry through hard work instead of merely relying on her famous last name. That's just one of the many admirable traits of this young woman; we run down a few more that totally make her #pegworthy:


1. How she deals with critics. Having critics and haters is normal for anyone famous (sometimes even regular girls have them), and being the nice girl she is, Kendall handles criticism with class. Instead of recklessly venting out her frustrations on social media, she chooses to be more careful in reacting to comments. Case in point? The backlash against her ballerina-inspired editorial for Vogue magazine, where she gave the most straightforward response: “I didn’t even know I was going to be a ballerina until I went into hair and makeup,” Kendall said in her blog. 


2. Her advocacy of promoting body positivity and natural beauty. In recent years, we would often spot Kendall sporting risqué outfits that occasionally expose her pierced nipples. Some consider it scandalous, but for Kendall, it’s no big deal, even those times when she would totally ditch her bra."I think it's cool and I really just don't care! It's sexy, it's comfortable, and I'm cool with my breasts,” Kendall explained in her blog, adding that she does not find it a big deal to ditch the bra. Kendall's confidence with her own body also extends to modeling, where the risk of being called "too fat for the runway" does not stop her from enjoying a serving of gelato. Add to the fact that Kendall's beauty, unlike most of her siblings, is all-natural, and free from cosmetic enhancements (check out her secret to maintaining flawless skin).


3. Her respect for the LGBT community. Following her father Caitlyn Jenner’s transition into a woman, Kendall remains to be thankful to him, even amidst this major change. "We're all pretty open, accepting, non-judgmental people. Our whole family," Kendall said about Caitlyn on the I am Cait reality TV series.


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4. Her desire to keep things low-key. Being the one least involved in scandals and controversies, there's no doubt about it, she is the most normal member of the Kardashian/Jenner clan: Kendall’s more of the private type who would shy away from the drama and controversies her family is involved in. Her birthday last year was low-key (save for the A-listers present) and different from how her relatives celebrate. “It's not just about being a workaholic (which I am!), though I've always been my authentic self,” Kendall explained in her blog, elaborating on the secret behind her successful modeling career a day before her 21st birthday.


5. Distancing herself from the Kardashian/Jenner clan when needed. Family always equates to love, but when things get a little too crazy, you can always choose to distance yourself from the drama. Kendall even banned her sister from attending her runway shows in order for her to craft her own identity, distinct from her siblings and relatives. That being said, it does not come as a surprise why Vogue magazine calls Kendall "The Breakout Model of Her Generation".


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