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Hottie Showdown: Pretty Boy Luis Hontiveros or Tough Guy Next Door Tony Labrusca?

Hottie Showdown: Pretty Boy Luis Hontiveros or Tough Guy Next Door Tony Labrusca?

Philippine reality television never looked this good in a long time—well, since the earlier editions of Pinoy Big Brother, which were just teeming with cuties, that is. Thanks to Pinoy Boyband Superstar and now the regular housemate edition of PBB Lucky Season 7, we have all the hotness we need (and want) to see on primetime television seven days a week.

While all of the Top 12 finalists of PBS are just muy gwapito and all the PBB regular housemates (even a number of the teen ones) are totes heartthrob levels, we’d like to zoom in on two men from these shows in particular: Tony Labrusca and Luis Hontiveros. Primarily because they represent two types of men on the opposite side of the hotness spectrum—one your clean-cut pretty boy (Luis is definitely proof that a bit of scruff and long hair can mean angelic) and the other, your earring-wearing, shaved-head tough guy next door (albeit a sweet crooner, too).

You might like the pretty boy better or the tough guy more, or find both of them equally cute—but here’s what you have to know more than anything: These hotties are more than just their good looks. Read on to get to know them better beyond what the eyes can see—and reality television showcases.


Mr. Pretty Boy Luis Hontiveros. Now known for the moniker “Longing Son of Taguig” on PBB Lucky Season 7, Luis was actually busy with a very important advocacy earlier this year: Campaigning for his aunt, women’s rights advocate and now Senator Risa Hontiveros. A model and occasional actor prior to being a PBB housemate, Luis may have had his hands full with all things glitz and glam (shows, parties, events, the works), but he also took a lot of time to appreciate nature and see our country’s natural wonders, as seen on his Instagram posts. He spends his free time binge-watching movies and TV series as well as reading articles on current affairs, sports, and history. Now, who wouldn’t love a guy who reads (and current affairs at that! smart!)?

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Mr. Tough Guy Next Door Tony Labrusca. Making it to the Top 12 roster of Pinoy Boyband Superstar because of his stellar performances (both during the audition and the group rounds), Tony has truly proved that he’s way more than his good looks. That, and shatter our first image of him as a heartbreaker in the now famous fastfood commercial with Elisse Joson, what with his innate friendliness that's palpable even from your TV screens. And have you seen how sweet he is to his mom and sister (and you know what they say about guys who treat the women in their lives very well)? Totally swoon-worthy. Oh, and he’s an ex-gymnast, too. Pretty cool, huh?

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Since we’re extra generous today, here are six more cuties who you should definitely be following on social media now, both for life and style lessons:


David Guison. The popular menswear blog dgmanila is the brainchild of lifestyle blogger David Guison. Fine, David isn’t exactly new, he’s been making buzz online since ’09, but this jet setter is someone that will always be relevant. From grooming, to styling, to traveling, you can surely take cues from this guy.

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Luis Sunico. We can’t help but gush over this super cute pre-school teacher! Yes, Luis teaches fourteen four-year-old kids and we love him more because of that! While he may hold his ground being around toddlers, he admits he has a hard time saying and doing the right things. Don’t worry, Luis! We still think you’re charming.

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Emil Khodaverdi. To say that Emil is one attractive fella would be an understatement. This super fit freelance model has worked with Bench, one of the country’s leading retail brands. He also seems to have a penchant for traveling—check him out on IG and you’ll get what we mean.

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Anjo Lazaro. We love fresh-faced and clean-cut looking guys like Anjo! This super fit stunner is a commercial model who loves a good conversation, so you sure won’t run out of things to talk about. Oh, and did we mention he plays drums?

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Patrik Franksson. Born and raised in Sweden, Pat came to the Philippines to play pro football, a game he’s been playing since he was around five years old! He’s also doing some modeling in between his hectic sched.

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Mike Frey. 22 year-old Fil-Swiss Mike Frey is currently studying Psychology in DLSU where he’s also part of the volleyball varsity team. Mike juggles his time studying, training for the UAAP, and modeling. When his sched frees up, however, you’d catch him biking, trailing, and playing his favorite computer game. This campus and court charmer gives us that boy-next-door vibe that’s hard to miss. 

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