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Daily Diaries: 5 Hardworking Instagram Stories Folk To Watch

Daily Diaries: 5 Hardworking Instagram Stories Folk To Watch

In a relevant way, some people I know are freeing up that extra amount of space on their phones and using Instagram stories versus Snapchat to document life real time. It's a matter of preference really but it saves time to kill two birds with one stone... using only one app. These hardworking, hustling online stars chronicle life not just through their photo feed but through IG stories as well.


1. Kimi Juan @kimijuan. Travel Influencer, blogger, and professional photographer, Sony Philippines photography ambassador.

Together with her significant other, Thomas Caja, Kimi Juan curates beautiful imagery from different destinations local and abroad mainly focusing on beach scenery. She also has a penchant for skincare, summer styles, swimwear, and minimalist beauty.

"To date, Kimi and Thomas are one of the top Instagram influencers in the country and in Asia Pacific. They are followed by over 100,000 millennial travelers and have active engagements in their Instagram posts."



2. Ayesha Curry @ayeshacurry. Homemaker, online influencer, mother, married to the man known by many as the greatest shooter in NBA basketball history, Stephen Curry.

Ayesha loves featuring food, family, lifestyle tips, and she throws in bits of fashion and beauty every now and then. She's an extremely hands-on mom with her daughters and loves featuring them sometimes on her feed as well.

As you can see on IG Stories she also loves pranking her world-famous husband just for fun when she gets the chance.


3. Nikko Huelgas @nikkohuelgas. Filipino Triathlete, Captain of the Philippine Triathlon Team, Chairman - National Athletes Commission on the Philippine Olympic Committee, sports columnist, sports brand endorser.

Nikko is young (25), he's fast, and he's fit. You can also add prayerful and kulit be a winner you need that a lot of the time as well. The DLSU Marketing Management graduate coached some of my younger cousins in the past for running, currently endorses multiple sports brands, and led the Philippine triathlon team to a gold medal in the 2015 Sea Games with over a minute's lead over silver. I first met Nikko when he was my teammate during a press junket about two years ago, it was fun having our "amazing race" team led by an actual triathlete captain (some of us only realized what he was after the race, haha).

"My mother raised me close to God, so no matter what happens, I know I'll be alright."



4. Emily Weiss @emilywweiss. Into The Gloss beauty blogazine founder, CEO and founder of Glossier beauty, leading a team of 45+ and counting to "rethink, reclaim, and redefine beauty."

A few years back, Into the Gloss was the primary U.S. beauty blog I followed to get a front row seat on Western beauty.  Since then ITG has evolved into a full-blown blogazine providing the most slick and honest beauty reviews and cheerfully curated trend-spotting makeup and hair stories. Into the Gloss also was one of the first to provide the best chit-chatty and real beauty scoop interviews with the industry's most infuential movers and shakers, from celebrities, the girl they spotted and admired on the street, to long established style professionals dishing out a couple of their trade secrets. Emily was the girl from that Hills TV show at first then she started attending events and taking note of things only people behind-the-scenes could take down when it came to beauty. Following Emily directly may every so often let you in on an advanced, new-ish beauty secret that actually works, way ahead of other people.

"I just have to stop biting my nails. I’ve been on and off that bandwagon so many times. I feel like it’s going to be a lifelong struggle. Maybe I’ll get hypnotized… Anyone know if it works?"



5.  Danah Gutierrez @thedanahsoars. Blogger, influencer, Plump Pinay advocate, writer at No Ink, motivational speaker and writer

Danah is a friend and one-half of the famous Plump Pinay twins, Anastazcia is her identical twin sister but I got to know Danah a little bit more personally online. Their statuses can send you into a Pez popping sort of head-thrown-back laughing fit. They are so authentically funny, I can't even tell you, and aren't afraid to express themselves, no candor spared to be exact. They're also quite forward about their faith in the Lord whom they thank for being their source of true confidence.  


I love that they've inspired women to be confident no matter what size they may be and have promoted being less self-conscious of who you really are. Their full-on makeup is always on point by the way and anybody could learn a thing or two from both Danah and Stacy. I congratulate them both on the success of their first book release The BIG FAT Book which sold out after approximately its first month in stores!

"That's the thing about romance, it has the power to hijack our entire bodies and minds, and take ultimate control over us. We have to be careful; even God says we are not to awaken love until it so desires (Solomon 8:4). So many of us rush into it, while our emotions are fluffy and our reasoning is compromised. Ladies, let's protect our hearts. It's our responsibility. Timothy Keller put it perfectly: "Lust says, 'what can you do for me?' Love says, 'what can I do for you?'" There's a massive difference. #dikacheapteh "



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