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In Focus: An Insider's Look At The Beauty Preps For Miss Teen Big Brother 2016

In Focus: An Insider's Look At The Beauty Preps For Miss Teen Big Brother 2016

If you were in awe of the Pinoy Big Brother Lucky Season 7 beauty pageant transformations of the female teen housemates, then for sure you'll enjoy even more learning about the stories behind their preparations for Miss Teen Big Brother 2016. We got an insider's exclusive from Eman de Leon, the chief makeup artist of PBB, and other shows like The Voice, I Love OPM, The X Factor Philippines. Eman and his team collaborated with the PBB management on the looks of housemates Vivoree Esclito, Maymay Entrata, Kisses Delavin, Stephani Vaz, and the first ever winner of the PBB pageant Maria Fabiana, for the the glam photoshoots to the competition proper of the said pageant. 

"These were my main considerations when I was conceptualizing the looks: The event which is a beauty pageant, so the looks should be glamorous; their age, because some of them are below 18 years old so I didn't want them to look like the typical diva-looking beauty queens; corrective makeup which is, I believe, the only way to bring out or enhance the beauty the face has; and their skintone, to be able to know which makeup tones should be considered for the look," shares Eman.

"Working with them was exciting and thrilling [because] they are into makeup! They get excited about what I would pick on the makeup table to use. They couldn't wait to see the finished work. Everytime I would finish a makeup step, they would giggle a lot showing how they loved the change. They always make me feel they believe in me. They have so much trust on my skills (they loved their looks when I did them for the first time during their hotel arrest). It was just a little hard because we couldn't communicate normally inside the PBB house while doing the makeup because it was not allowed. I just gave them hand signals whenever needed," he adds.

Check out the step-by-step beauty tutorial to achieve each of the looks below:


"For Maymay, I did a bronzy and gilded look because I really think it's flattering for her skintone."

Brows: "The spaces on her brows were just filled and parts of her brows were concealed to balance the shape from the other. Her brow color (black) was toned down a bit too for her not to look really strong."

Eyes: "I used a creamy bronze shadow on the upper part of her eyelids and lower lash line area, and a cream champagne eyeshadow on the lower part of the lids. And I set it with a bronzer on the inner corner and blended a gold frost eye shadow powder. I also lined the eyes with a black gel liner up and down, smudged so that it won't create a harsh line and finished the eyes with false lashes on the top and bottom of her eyes."

Contour: "Maymay's face was contoured using a bronzing cream. It also served as the blush although I still combined a pink color using airbrush."

Lips: "For her lips, I used a nude lip liner plus a brown lipstick on top." Eman


"For Kisses, I chose a sweet but glamorous look on her because she has fair skin tone."

Brows: "I had to make her brows look thicker because she has really thin brows. I matched the brow color on her hair so that the makeup would look coherent."

Eyes: "For her eyes, I chose a combination of pink and orange matte eye shadow powder for the upper part of her eyelids and lower lash line area as the smoke shadow. On the lower lid area, I blended a bronze eye shadow powder. And on the inner corner of her eyes, I put a baby pink frost eye shadow. Her eyes were lined using a matte dark brown cream shadow up and down, smudged. I finished the eyes with false lashes on top and bottom." Eman


"The look that I wanted for Vivoree is something youthful and fresh, very glamorous and sophisticated."

Face: "I started with a clean-looking foundation by making sure that it matches her natural skintone. I mixed different shades until I got the perfect tone for her, not putting too much foundation to avoid caking and flaking."

Eyes: "For the eyes, I wanted it ultra mega glam but still young-looking. I started with an eye primer to make sure that the eye makeup is bullet proof. I used earth tones. Different shades of brown for her eyeshadow. I added a highlight color in salmon pink to compliment the browns. I lined her eyes with black liner and draw a cat eye to make it more fab."

Brows: "Since she already has these beautiful set of eyebrows, I just made sure to match it with her hair color by putting on a colored eyebrow mascara."

Lips: "For her lips, I used a rose color matte lipstick to give make her skin tone not over power too much of her eye makeup."Bubbles Dayata, Team Eman de Leon


"Maria, with her Brazilian features, makes her beauty prominently noticeable for the pageant. Her high cheekbones and deep set of eyes don't require too much makeup."

Face: "I decided to go with a fresh look that would enhance her natural beauty by means of using a natural tone cream foundation."

Contour and highlight: "For the whole face, contouring is a must and highlights to emphasize the T-zone of her face which complemented her existing natural features"

Eyes: "For her eyes, I used magnesium scarlet as the base and for the crease I used chocolate talc shade to give her that subtle sensual look. Also I used charcoal black as an enhancer to give her that added mysterious effect." Krizia Jimenez, Team Eman de Leon


"I did not have any hard time doing their makeup because one, they are flawless and two you can put any color of makeup to play with their face."

Face: "Of course, what I did first is to prep her face first to clean and second was putting the primer. And I chose the foundation which is matching her face and eyebrows."

Eyes: "For the eyes, a mix of red and a little bit of black and brown."

Contour: "I put a little bit of contour on her face since her face is kinda perfect already, and then a reddish brown blush."

Lips: "And lastly the lipstick which is not too dark and I mixed it with orange pink to match her eyeshadow." Kath Cruz, Team Eman de Leon


We asked this expert's thoughts on what made these women stand out. "Maymay had so much confidence maybe because she took Lara Quigaman's training seriously, loved her beauty look, and embraced who she really is. Because of these, she was able to bring out her best self, specially with how she walks (they say she owned the stage) and how she carried herself as a beauty contestant," Eman notes.

"On the other hand, Kisses stood out because of her experiences in beauty contests. Those gave her the confidence she showed during the pageant. She's a go-getter basically. The best reason why she stood out from the rest is because she has beauty and brains."


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