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Hot Stuff: 3 Stress-Relieving Self Massages To Do At Your Desk

Hot Stuff: 3 Stress-Relieving Self Massages To Do At Your Desk

We must do what we can to ease the wear and tear on our minds and bodies. We work so hard, don't you agree? It would be a grand thing if a masseusse were waiting for us at home everyday, but most of the time there isn't time, or money for that matter. A lot of us are on a budget and can't even sit still for two seconds together on some days. The best compromise therapy while at your desk would be self-massage, specifically for the neck, hands, and lymphatic drainage.  

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1. Self-Massage for Neck. "Physics says that for every inch that the head leans forward (from the neck) that's an increase in 10 lbs. of pressure. The average head weighs about 12 lbs so if you're leaning forward 3 inches (that's 30 + 12) that's about 42 lbs of pressure on your neck," says the physical therapist from the Progression Fitness channel. The massage I've attached though for this part is much simpler to follow and can be done sitting down. Rachel of Rachel Richards Massage demonstrates how to relieve neck pain and tension with this 10-minute massage (you may also click the image to read the full tutorial).


2. Self-Massage for Hands. This self massage for hands, I observed, is a milder routine of the type of massage and therapy I received at Intercare, a local muscle and joint therapy center. It is also similar but more complete than the one our professionally-trained masseusse gives me at home. Demonstrated by the HmMassage channel, this self-massage for hands can help give those palms and digits some extra love before you pull an all-nighter or crack on with that document.


3. Self-Massage for Lymphatic Drainage. Last but definitely not the least, this is the professional therapy video on lymphatic drainage that I just posted earlier in my own social media account and my friend followed the instructions and got sleepy instantly without even completing the video. Facial lymphatic drainage is basically like the encouraging of physical detox of fluids from specific areas around the head, face, and neck downward. The pressure used is also a lighter level of pressure, to be specific less than 9 ounces per square inch or approximately 4 kPa. It is an instant stress-relieving type of therapeutic massage and also a massage that is great preparation before makeup application to relax the face. Follow professional therapist Heather Wibbel's step-by-step instructions with your favorite scented massage oil to begin instant relaxation, or click on the image. 


I specifically noted that this lymphatic drainage massage would be better not done while driving in traffic since it provides instant relaxation and does induce sleepiness and calm. Pregnant women are usually advised to avoid massages by the neck area, hands, wrists, and feet as mentioned by my masseusse who is licensed to do prenatal massages, too. 


For massage oils, Lemongrass House Philippines inside Dusit Thani Hotel, Makati has a good selection (inquire about the Lavender Chamomile massage oil and the other scents they have available). Contact information: +632-2388888 loc 8976 or


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