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The Six Fix: Spine-Tingling Pinoy Horror Movies You Should Watch

The Six Fix: Spine-Tingling Pinoy Horror Movies You Should Watch

Opting to stay at home this Halloween? Check out these hair-raising, spine-tingling Filipino movies you can enjoy. Have a spooky holiday!


1. Itim. Director Mike De Leon’s first directorial movie, Itim’s paranormal and spiritual possession themes were spine-tingling, it is hailed (up to now) as one of the scariest Filipino movies of all time. ABS-CBN Chief Content Officer Charo Santos-Concio’s acting in this movie is so good, she won an award for her role as Teresa in the 1977 Asian Film Festival.


2. Patayin sa Sindak si Barbara. A remake of the Celso Ad Castillo-directed 1974 version (with Susan Roces playing the lead role), Chito Roño’s version has the same hair-raising moments as the original, this time with Lorna Tolentino playing the role of Barbara, who has to deal with the mysterious death of her sister Ruth (played by Dawn Zulueta).


3. The Healing. One can see the horror in Vilma Santos’ eyes as she encounters deaths of people who were healed by Elsa (played by Daria Ramirez), a faith healer who was very successful in the community until something went wrong.


4. Sukob. Tackling a Filipino superstition about marriage, Sukob’s numerous hair-raising moments, which include deaths and the appearance of a ghostly flower girl, might just convince you to believe in superstitions.


5. Feng Shui. Your perception about bagua mirrors will all change upon seeing this movie, what with how a bagua mirror acts as a double-edged sword: Giving blessings to its owner and at the same time delivering a curse to him/her or the people who matter in his/her life.


6. Tiyanak. Does the phrase “Anak ni Janice!” ring a bell? That line originated from this Peque Gallaga-directed movie, with Janice de Belen taking the lead role of a mother rescuing an abandoned baby, only to find out that the baby is a demon in disguise.


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Banner photograph screencapped from the "Patayin sa Sindak si Barbara" movie trailer




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