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Cheat Sheet: 5 Ways To Unwind Your Mind

Cheat Sheet: 5 Ways To Unwind Your Mind

All of us at some point need to detach and destress for longer periods of time. Sometimes sleep, film binging, or massages just aren't enough to properly reset. It's okay to keep your mind engaged in some form of activity while on rest mode but perhaps a different path ought to be taken.


1. Play an actual board or card game with friends. In this digital age, we're all hardly spending any real quality time with each other. I actually think it's necessary to be able to unplug once in awhile and interact with people face to face. Board or card games are a great way for people to bond and have fun at the same time. Some studies have shown that regularly playing card games like poker, for example, helps prevent or delay the onset of degenerative mental diseases like Alzheimer's in older people.


2.  Try completing a large puzzle.  Funny illustrated puzzles exist like the artsy ones by Argentine artist, Guillermo Mordillo. Completing puzzles is therapeutic, quiet, and goal-oriented. A little bit of time each day gets you further along and it's a great activity to do with a little bit of conversation. Seeing a picture slowly come together is pretty symbolic of how life is actually one little piece at a time falling into place, and the parts that don't fit where you think they will find their own place eventually. 




3. Sit outside and listen to music that's playing without earphones. Unplugging includes listening to music out in the real world. Step outside and fill the space with sound every now and then. The difference for me of hearing music without earphones is it feels more accepting of where you are at that very moment to be listening to music once in awhile without stuffed ears, and what's special is other people can join you.


4. Watch that beautiful sun go down. Whether you're alone or with people you value, watching the sun go down beautifully is one of the best things in life that are free. Whether out on the beach, from a porch or window, or on the side of a cliff, standing beneath an orange sky is one of the most chill things to do while unloading a story or two at the end of the day.


5. Go outside and "get lost." Much of the world is still an open playground. We often forget that. Hiking is one physical activity that quite appeals to me. In this New York times article"Shinrin-yoku" is encouraged, it means "forest bathing" which is a term for prolonged exposure to forest environments for possible health benefits.

"The scientists found that being among plants produced 'lower concentrations of cortisol, lower pulse rate, and lower blood pressure,' among other things (like raising white blood cell count).  THE BOTTOM LINE - According to studies, exposure to plants and trees seems to benefit health."


Plants produce oxygen while we breathing beings exhale carbon-dioxide, we were obviously meant to co-exist. 


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