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In Focus: Why Many Foreign Youtubers Choose To Make The Philippines Their Second Home

In Focus: Why Many Foreign Youtubers Choose To Make The Philippines Their Second Home

The tagline “It’s More Fun In The Philippines” sure gives us a sense of pride, especially when you see foreigners come here and leave with nothing but nice things to say about the country, its people, and their over-all experience. Some love it so much that they chose to stay here indefinitely, like Fil-Am vlogger Wil Dasovich, who grew up in San Francisco, California. "When I talk to any other foreigners, everyone’s main reason [for staying] is the people are the friendliest and the nicest and the most hospitable and I say that’s the reason, I planned to be here for three months and look it’s been more than two and half years and I’m still here.”

Wil’s daily vlog has become a window to how beautiful the country is, as he normally travels around the Philippines documenting his fun adventures whether all by himself or with his friends and other Youtubers, while also trying his very best to speak in Tagalog (he's half-Filipino), which many people find really entertaining.

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In one his vlogs, Wil along with his foreign Youtuber friends Christian LeBlanc and Laura Reid from Canada, and Daniel Marsh from Ireland, talked about the reasons why each of them chose to come to the Philippines. “In life you know you can always focus on the positive things and I mean that’s one of the biggest things of what my channel is all about, it’s having this positive perspective, pampa-good vibes lamang. That’s one of the biggest reasons I’m here in the Philippines it's because of the people and everyone’s happy.” shares Wil.

For Christian and Laura, the first reason why they decided to visit the Philippines is "Instagram. First time we came to the Philippines, we knew nothing about it. I thought it was just this really poor dangerous place and then we started seeing photos on Instagram, and I’m like oh my gosh like we could really like show some beautiful angles, show some amazing beaches and islands and that was really what was the initial draw to the country but then we got here and we’ve now been twice, the first time we were drawn by Instagram, the second time we came back because simply love it so much we fell in love with the people, not the food, (but Wil notes that it was the street food that he's referring to), we fell in love with the islands and the culture, the people are just the most welcoming people you’ll ever meet."

Daniel, just like Wil, fell in love with the Pinoy hospitality, "The hospitality is just the best. I mean this is what I love about the Philippines, [the] people really make this country what it is not just the landscapes, which are also incredible, by the way.”


Wil, Daniel, Christian and Laura, are just few of many foreign visitors who came and fell in love with the country, showcasing through their vlogs the wonders of the Pearl of the Orient Seas, that we've become known for all throughout the world.


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