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In Focus: 10 Makeup Mistakes You Need To Stop Making Right Now

In Focus: 10 Makeup Mistakes You Need To Stop Making Right Now

While we're clearly obsessed with learning everything about beauty, admit it or not, you just have that one bad beauty habit you can't let go of, or perhaps, don't even know you're committing. We totally get you, it's easy to make some big makeup mistakes you know, without even realizing it. Oh well, that stops now. Once you see which mistakes you've been making, you'll swear to never make them again—after all, your beauty reputation is on the line:


1. Applying your makeup under the wrong lighting. Always aim to be in a well-lit area, ideally somewhere with the same lighting as your destination (but natural light is still best!) Because if you're heading to your sunny office after a slapdash makeup application in your dark bathroom, we guarantee your co-workers will see your blending errors.

2. Powdering your whole face. Powdering your entire face—including dry patches—can cause your makeup to look cakey. Tip: Opt for a translucent loose powder, which is lighter and more absorbent than its pressed counterpart.


3. Pumping your mascara tube. We are often convinced that pumping the tube allows us to get more product, but it actually beats the purpose. This pushes air and bacteria into the mascara causing it to dry out, clump, and flake. Instead, move the brush in circular motions as you take it out from the tube.


4. Applying blush on the apple of your cheeks. Tapping blush directly on the apples of your cheeks can make you look flushed and red. Avoid the clown look by swiping it along the upper hollows of the cheeks for a natural hint of color.


5. Lining the edge of your lips only. In addition to lining the rim you should also fill in the entire lip to ensure your lipstick stays put all day. Unless your desired look is a throwback to the '90s, don't do this. Even if you apply lipstick on top, your lip color will fade, leaving an unflattering ring around your mouth. Instead, forgo liner entirely or fill in the lines for a durable, last-all-day pout even after a drink of water banishes the lippie you have on.

6. Not cleaning your makeup brushes. You use makeup brushes on your face, which means while you apply foundation, your brush is also collecting all the bacteria, oil, pollution, and debris that is collected on your face throughout the day. If you’re a girl who glams up every day, use a spray form of brush cleaner every day to clean your brushes, along with shampooing them once a week. And if you’re a girl who wears barely-there makeup, shampooing your brushes once every two or three weeks will suffice.

7. Matching foundation on the back of your hand. Getting a perfect match for foundation sometimes seems like the hardest thing. Whether you're getting professional help or trying to find the match yourself, knowing how to match starts with where you compare foundations on your skin. Matching foundation on the back of the hand will not give you a correct color match due to the hands being a slightly different color than the rest of the body, ending in a mismatched shade. Try matching foundation on the jawline so you can compare it to the neck. This will lead you to get a perfect match and so you don’t have discolored makeup along the jawline.

8. Not setting your concealer. Concealer works wonders on dark circles, but it can also leave a creamy finish under the eyes that ends up creasing throughout the day. After applying concealer, try setting your concealer with a very light coat of translucent powder—your under eyes will stay bright and concealed without getting those annoying creases.


9. Curling your eyelashes after applying mascara. If you use an eyelash curler after applying liner and mascara your liner will smudge because the curler is touching the base of your lashes. And if you wait to use your curler after mascara is dried then you will be prone to breaking lashes or kinking them in an unnatural angle. Try curling lashes before applying liner and mascara to create natural curly lashes.

10. Keeping makeup for too long. All makeup has an expiration date; it’s just that every product is different due to their uses and how sustainable they are. Many makeup and skincare product manufacturers have made deciphering when to throw out your makeup easier: Just check out the small container icon with a figure (6M for six months, 12M for one year, and so on) usually found at the bottom part of the back label of the product.


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