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Couple Peg: Kim Cruz and Gil Cuerva, Young Love, Sweet Love At Its Finest

Couple Peg: Kim Cruz and Gil Cuerva, Young Love, Sweet Love At Its Finest

Thursday is Feels Day on Lifestyle! And what better way to celebrate this than by featuring real-life couples who totally represent #relationshipgoals? Learn from our choice couple pegs on all things love and life!


At 18 and 21 respectively, one might think that Kim Cruz and Gil Cuerva are too young to know anything about love but if there’s one thing we've learned after chatting with this good-looking couple (#relationshipgoals for their thousands of followers and fans on social media), it's that they probably know more about handling a relationship than many who are older than them in age. Read on to learn why.


“We met through a friend, and when I first met her, she was only 17. I was really surprised because she was younger than my youngest brother. So you know when I first saw her I was like ‘Ooh you know you should get to know my brother,’ that's how I approached her,” Gil recalls. Kim on the other hand, knew about Gil prior to that night since she’s actually friends with his, surprise, younger brother, who happens to be her batchmate. “I got kinda annoyed when I first met him because he was telling everyone I was 17, so like when I was trying to get drinks he was like ‘No’ and he was really telling the bartender, ‘She’s 17’ and I was like 'Oh my god I just met you. Like he was really trying to annoy me the first time I met him,” says Kim to which Gil replies half-sweetly, half-teasingly, “I succeeded.” (How cute is their banter???)

Kim admits to having a crush on Gil even before she met him (Then again, girls, who wouldn't right?). “Well, before we met, I already knew about him, I stalked him on Instagram before pero that’s because he’s my friend’s brother.”

Half a year after they first met, the two started hanging out with the same group of friends. "We have a group kasi, we have a barkada and I'm the only girl and Gil and I are always the closest ones, siguro kasi I used to vent to him about boys, whenever I have problems with boys I’d tell Gil and he would give me advice. He was like an older brother talaga like I called him kuya at one point and then I would ask for help with boys kasi I was younger so I was meeting people pa lang. I was getting into these boys who were not very good, sketchy boys so he got a bit mad (in Gil's words, "more apprehensive") he was like stop dating a**holes, stop dating jerks, you know you have to choose who you like. He was giving me all these pieces of advice and then ayun we became the closest in the group."

As fate would have it, this young lady found the love she has been looking and and has always deserved in the person of the guy she used to see as a big brother. "It was kind of a long process. It wasn't like biglaan, it just slowly happened I really don’t how know how to explain it." says Gil. "But to be fair it was both our first relationship so it took long for us to realize that we like each other." And that's one of the most beautiful things about love: When it hits you, it just does and you can't fight it.

Seven months into their relationship, Kim describes Gil as more than a boyfriend, but a partner. "The way I see Gil, he’s like my best friend also. I have a lot of fun with him, he makes me laugh a lot and he's not very controlling. That’s what I like about him also, he understands my job, he understands that I go to school, he's very supportive of everything I do, and I also get to ask him for advice when it comes to work since he's older and he's more used to it, he knows how the industry works also so he’s also like my guide."


Considered as two of today's hottest young influencers, Gil has made a name for himself in the modeling industry, booking jobs here and abroad, and walking for many great Filipino designers such as Rajo Laurel, while Kim, with her blog, has established herself as one of the fastest rising fashion bloggers of her generation. This cute pair has been inspiring their thousands of followers both when it comes to relationships and when it come to achieving their goals. As we continued with our chat, we discovered more facts about them and got to know more of the many reasons why they're often deemed as #relationshipgoals:


Fact #1: They both are very clever. On the subject of how they exchanged numbers and who texted who first, Gil teasingly revealed Kim's clever way of getting him to text her first. “She messaged me on Twitter and then she told me, ‘O text me na lang,’ see pa-simple pa talaga, text me na lang then she sent me her number. She’s smart and clever you know that’s how she gets you to text first.” Kim laughed and said, “But you know what’s funny? He still texted me first, he said ‘Hey, it’s Gil’" to which Gil said, "Yeah but because I was duped! Clever little bata.” But Gil is equally clever—just take a look at how their conversation about those three often cheesy but romantic words went:

He says: "It was her."

She says: "He tried to fish it out of me."

He says: "But she did say it first. Admit the truth: Did you or did you not say it first?"

She says: "I said it first because he asked me to say it. This is what happened, he just goes like, ‘Do you like me?’ and I was like yeah obviously we’re seeing each other already so obviously I like you and then he was like ‘How much?’ and I was like I really like you obviously because we’re dating already and then he just goes ‘Why just like?’ and I went like, 'Love is a big word I’ve always been scared to say it.'"

He says: "But I never straight up asked her if she loves me, I just questioned her ‘Are you sure you just like me?"

She says: "Well yeah but he was also very smart eh, just like me when I gave him my number. He was just like ‘Why like?' then I was like, 'Love is a big word and he was like 'O why can't you say it? Why are you so scared to say love?’ and then I was like okay I'm gonna say it na and so I said it and then he said it back.'"


Fact #2: They got their own ways of making each other kilig. Getting kilig is one of the best feelings ever, whether it's over something that someone you like did for you or over a scenario that you've seen in a movie or from other real-life couples, and Kim and Gil sure know how to make each other kilig in unique ways. "Kim is really cute when she's trying to show affection, she makes pa-cute a lot. Nakaka-kilig naman kasi sobrang pa-cute, cute naman," says Gil.

Kim, on the other hand, says, "I like surprising him, and he hates it but when it works that’s when he gets kilig, and I get kilig din. Because for me I like giving surprises than to receive it kasi I like planning things, eh diba you get excited and all that." 


Fact #3: They’re both very low-maintenance. Speaking of surprises, Kim shares how Gil likes to put a meaning behind every surprise. "Him naman when he surprises me it's very surprising talaga because he rarely does it but when he does it's very meaningful it's not always very grand, but it's really meaningful and that's what matters most."

“For me I believe, even if I become rich, I still believe in the meaning of gifts that if you're just gonna buy her an expensive bracelet or bag what's the meaning in that? Other than you're just trying to spoil her, whereas when you give her something, say a notebook, to write down or share your experiences, or you give her your own diary, or playlist, because your taste in music is an expression of who you are, so it's like you're giving something about you to her rather than just giving her some expensive things to squander. I admit it, I don’t give her much especially when it comes to expensive things but when I give her something I want her to know that there is actually a meaning to it,” explains Gil.

“I think that’s what I like most about Gil also, our relationship kasi we’re not very high maintenance, like one time we went on a date and then we just went to the convenience store, stuff like that makes us happy. We’re both very low maintenance," Kim adds. "She's not the high maintenance type of girl, like I know even just a simple date at McDonald's would make her happy. She's needy in a way when she just wants your time, a lot of it. But that’s all she asks for, she doesn’t ask for much, aside from being supportive and caring, she's there and she doesn’t require much than time and effort," he says.


Fact #4: They work hard for themselves. One of the biggest misconceptions about many models and bloggers alike is that everything is just very convenient for them, when in fact they're just as hardworking as the next person. And Kim and Gil are no different. "I pay for my own travels and I save up for my own things." shares Kim. "Maybe one day when we get really rich that’s when we will splurge but right now we just have to adjust to our lifestyle."

Gil on his part, had to take a break from school so he could pursue modeling full-time here and abroad. 


Fact #5: They both love to travel. Because as they say, you'll learn a lot more about your partner when you travel together, that on top of the priceless experience of making memories together. "I really wanna go to Spain because he’s Spanish, and he lived in Spain. And I hear a lot of stories from his family," enthuses Kim.

So which of their travels do they consider as most memorable? "Hong Kong probably is the most memorable because we really missed each other (Gil lived in Hong Kong for about two months for his modeling gigs), we didn’t see other for a long time. So it was nice to spend time together, we went to Disneyland."

"My philosophy is that life is too short to be spending it all in one place. There's so much of the world to see. And you'll probably not gonna be able to see 20% of it by the time you die, so any out of the country experience will be a memorable one and for now it's Hong Kong, but I definitely plan to take Kim around the world," says Gil. Really, can these two get any more sweeter?


Fact #6: They admit that they're far from being a perfect couple. When asked to describe their relationship, "Well I wouldn’t say it's perfect but we both try to compromise, I think. Like when we have certain fights, I don’t like fighting kasi but I cause it a lot because I'm a girl and I get moody and emotional and I throw it on him because he's the one that I'm always with but like compromise talaga you need to learn to adjust to each other. At the end of the day we have to keep in mind we grew up differently, we have different personalities, we’re not the same person, we don't have the same thoughts and views that’s how I would describe our relationship." says Kim. "We’re also still in the process of discovering each other. It's more like everyday I get to know something more about Gil. He’s a [closed off] person, he doesn’t share his feelings a lot. We’e quite opposite, I'm very open. It's hard to get through Gil but I'd like to think that I am one of the people who know him most kasi we spend a lot of time together."


Fact #7: They've got some meaningful relationship advice for all of us. One of the more interesting parts of the interview was when we got to the relationship advice part, because in this day and age where the younger generation (though not all) enter relationships just for the sake of being in one, Gil and Kim proved that though they're both young, their way of thinking and level of maturity are on a much higher level than most. 

"Don’t jump into a relationship too quickly," says Kim. Gil adds, "There are a lot of people who are in love with the idea of love. Don’t look for it. Don’t be one of those people who are posting on social media looking for a boyfriend or a girlfriend. For me enjoy your single life first, until that person comes, don’t look for that person you just wait for the person to come." As Kim puts it, "I mean Gil’s first girlfriend is at 21, that says a lot."

He adds, "More importantly, make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into. It's not a convenient thing, that’s one thing I'll tell you. Like I didn’t date Kim because it's convenient for me, it was definitely not the reason. Actually, if anything, it’s a responsibility. Having a girlfriend (or boyfriend) is like having a pet or a child, it’s a commitment and you do it because you love the person."


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