In Focus: 10 Celebrity Blogs You Should Check Out Now!

In Focus: 10 Celebrity Blogs You Should Check Out Now!

One has many innate talents within, and it so happens that some celebrities are blessed with more than just good acting skills. Some can dance and sing, too, or play an instrument or do art, some more than the others. While most celebrities are known for their performing skills, they have a special set that they also share to others, such as their flair for media. 

And with the advent of social media fame, these girls on our list prove that they're more than just television- and movie-popular. Through different media now available for everyone's reading and viewing pleasure, they are able to share their thoughts and creativity and what-not. You should definitely follow these celebs/blog- or vlog-gers:


1. For the music lover: Spell Saab. Here's what goes on with a Magalona child. You'll read Saab Magalona-Bacarro's adventures in music (yay to all The Cheats fans!) and her daily life, and how she's slowing building her empire in real life.


2. For the beauty maven: Alexa Ilacad's Youtube channel. From tutorials to makeup challenges, Alexa's game for anything! Although entirely new in the vlog-sphere, she's gained a loyal following because of her how-to videos where you'll learn basics of makeup and which products to buy.

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3. For inkling thoughts: Pretty Damn Unicorns. If your thoughts keep on wandering and you need to find a place where you'll feel understood, a visit to Janella Salvador's Tumblr account is a relief. Scroll thorugh random ideas and re-blogged entries. What's more to love? Janella shares some artsy cool stuff!


4. For the adventurous momma: Mermaid Wanders. Get to know more about Andi Eigenmann and her adventures with her little princess, Ellie. Moms, get ideas on how to live your life to the fullest while fulfilling your duties as a mom—without miss!


5. For ultimate #Goals: Andrea B.'s Youtube channel. Be inspired by this little lady who's slowly coming out of her shell. Andrea's adventures will have you rooting for her, and watching her episodes can be your goal checklist. How to be Andrea? Find out here.

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6. For the blogger-wannabe: Love, A. Arisse de Santos is definitely more than Kathryn Bernardo's bestfriend—this girl can slay! Get your fill of the millennial's world through her on-point OOTDs, makeup looks, and everything else under the sun. 


7. For sisters-for-life: The Gibbs Guide Youtube channel. Gibbs sisters Alyssa and Gabs are slowly coming out of the spotlight. This year, they launched their very own Youtube channel, with guides on different things the twosome can share—from wearing makeup to packing your stuff for your beach trip—together!


8. For Miss Health Is Wealth: Mari Jasmine. No wonder she's so pretty—and here are her secrets! Mari Jasmine not only blogs about her travels and outfits, she also shares her foolproof hacks to achieve wellness. You'll definitely enjoy scrolling through her posts (and trying out her healthy picks!).


9. For the advice-seeker: Nikki Gil. Nikki can be the ultimate life coach one can have, and you need not seek her in person to get legit advice from the singer-actress. She writes about things that actually matter to every person, like attaining happiness and waiting for The One, to name a few. Bonus: She gives her tips on wedding preparations, according to her experience. So calling out bride-to-bes!


10. For the family person: Team Kramer. Follow the adventures of one of our favorite families in the biz—Team Kramer. Get to maneuver your family the Kramer way. We know they are your peg.

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