How Facebook prepares for its next five billion users

How Facebook prepares for its next five billion users

How does a social media mammoth like Facebook prepare for the future? Open a sprawling data center to house more storage and processing capacity to serve its current 1.2 billion users or, as what officials led by chairman and chief executive Mark Zuckerberg state, preparing for its “next five billion users.”

Zuckerberg announced on his Facebook account that the company has opened its new Fort Worth, Texas data center, the fifth of its kind that “power Facebook and will help connect billions of people around the world in the coming years.”

“This is just one example of new technologies we’re building to create internet services at planetary scale. We’re grateful to the Fort Worth community for helping to make the world more open and connected, and we’re glad to be a part of that community.”

But what’s more important about this new facility is that it will be solely run by renewable energy.

“Fort Worth will be one of the most advanced and energy efficient data centers in the world. It will use 100% renewable energy and it will actually add 200 megawatts of new wind energy to the Texas power grid. It will be built using hardware designed and developed through the Open ComputeProject,” Zuckerberg said.

The new Facebook facility will purely run on wind energy from a 202-megawatt wind farm located in the 17,000-acre area.

The data center will be specifically utilized to process increasing demand from 700 million Messenger users and 300 million Instagram users, including companies that rely on Facebook to build membership and businesses.




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