Daily Diaries: 10 Times Katy Perry Slayed The Twitterverse

Daily Diaries: 10 Times Katy Perry Slayed The Twitterverse

There's really no wonder why Katy Perry is the most-followed person on Twitter, with 93.6 million followers (and counting!): Katy loves to play with words, and she can come up with the wittiest statements in less than 140 characters.

Check out her “golden” tweets:


1. Katy's description of the US Presidential debates.


2. When asked about this year’s fashion trends, which include chokers.


3. Yes, there are times when Katy has a hard time understanding people, especially if they have an unusual accent.


4. Her formula for a great pop song (we hope she releases a new album soon!)?


5. One thing to remember: Katy does like things old school.


6. As for Pokemon Go? Katy has some thoughts.


7. Her reaction after reaching 90 million followers on Twitter.


8. Her musings after attending a ball (yes, she has kilay issues, too).


9. Awkward moments become funny when Katy imagines them in Twit-speak.


10. Katy’s semi-shady reaction upon hearing news of the Taylor Swift-Calvin Harris breakup (though both of them were spotted together at Drake's birthday party):

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