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In Focus: Here Are Cost-Free Ways Of Giving Back This Holiday Season

In Focus: Here Are Cost-Free Ways Of Giving Back This Holiday Season

The holiday is season is all about sharing and giving back. But not all the time it requires you to spend a lot as even the smallest and simplest gestures, when done voluntarily and from the heart, becomes the best gift a person can ever receive, because as they say, it’s really the thought that counts. At the recent launch of The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Giving Journal 2017, we've learned that the holiday season is more than just donning the best head-to-toe outfit or prepping for the Christmas feast or wrapping presents and exchanging expensive gifts. Here we listed down some of the best ways of giving back this holiday season that won't require you to spend a single penny:


1. Teach someone a new skill. Knowledge is one of the best gifts one could give, so this holiday season, it would be nice to share what you know to other people. Like cooking for example, if you’re good in the kitchen, take time to teach your younger siblings how to cook simple dishes, just like how you were taught by someone how to do it when you were totally new to it.

2. Smile at strangers. With every single one of us having our own story in life, we never know what the person next to us is going through, he or she can be having a bad day for all we know. A simple nod or smile can totally help make a stranger’s day and boost their morale and give them hope that there is still good in this world.

3. Donate your stuff. Instead of keeping your old clothes and other stuff in boxes in the storage room for years, why don’t you donate them to those who need them badly. Like the people on the streets who only probably have one set of clothing (the one they’re wearing).

4. Volunteer your time. For some of us, it’s easier to write a check or make a donation rather than actually spend time and participate in outreach programs and activities, but sometimes more than money, it is YOU that is needed. And volunteering to, say, a feeding program for the less fortunate, house building for the homeless people, tree planting to save mother earth, story telling in children’s hospital for the kids that are undergoing treatments, these and more can help change other people’s lives in so many ways than you can imagine.

5. Write someone a thank you note. Sometimes there’s nothing more special than making other people feel that you appreciate them and everything that they do, regardless if it’s big or small. A little thank you goes a long way. 


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