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Cheat Sheet: Be Hip And Cool This Halloween Without Spending Too Much

Cheat Sheet: Be Hip And Cool This Halloween Without Spending Too Much

With Halloween coming real close, most, if not all, of us are probably cramming for costumes. Can’t think of a striking character whose look you can recreate without spending too much? Here are easy-to-do costume ideas based on today's pop culture hits that are sure to make you stand out at any party:


1. Star Wars’ Kylo Ren. Want to cross over to the dark side? This Star Wars' villain costume is easy to make; the clothes you need, are, in fact, most probably in your closet.

How to: 1. For the mask, get a large illustration board, and draw an outline of the mask (you can download the template here). 2. After doing the outline, cut it up and assemble the necessary pieces. 3. Once assembled, use black spray paint to color the mask, and use a silver metallic pen to add the mask's details. 4. Complete the look by wearing black pants and a black hooded robe.


2. Stranger Things’ Eleven. Just like the Kylo Ren costume, there's a really good chance that the items you need to be Eleven is just sitting in your closet.

How to: 1. Find any old dress (in a shade of light pink), and some white thigh-high socks for your outfit. 2. Smudge your moustache area with fake blood (here's a tutorial so you can make it yourself) to copy El's nosebleed. 3. Give your most freaky facial expression to complete the look.



3. A long-unavailable Snapchat filter. If you love using Snapchat over Instagram stories because of its filters, this costume is for you. One of Snapchat's best filters is the rainbow barf one, which is, sadly, no longer available. Worry no more: You can still sport the filter in real life!

How to: 1. With your makeup essentials, along with a bodypaint color palette, just paint over from your lips down to your neck different colors resembling a rainbow. 2. Add sparkly silver details to the rainbow you made on your face (with body paint as well) to complete the look. 



4. An Emoji. It can be “tears of joy,” “hearts,” “pizza,” or “grinning face,” because creating emoji-inspired masks is pretty easy.

How To: 1. Trace the shape of your desired emoji on a white cardboard. 2. Cut it up, and color accordingly using spray paint. 3. For the emoji's details, trace them on another cardboard, cut them up, color them, and glue them on the base (cardboard) you made earlier. 4. Glue a large popsicle stick at the back of the mask you made. Enjoy!



5. A Polaroid / Instax photo. Polaroid and Instax photos have experienced a resurgence in popularity, and makes for a great costume. A frame (plus your outfit) is all you need to pull off this costume.

How to: 1. Using a large white cardboard, cut it in the shape of an instant photograph. 2. Then, reinforce the cardboard using popsicle sticks. 3. Add strings so that you can "wear" the instant photograph background. 4. Wear your favorite “self-portrait” outfit before rocking the instant photograph frame.



6. A PokeStop. The popularity of Pokemon Go may have waned these last few weeks, but the idea of becoming a walking PokeStop might spark interest among your peers. With this costume, you can get your friends to talk about Pokemon again.

How to: 1. Using a blue-and-pink painted cardboard, create an outline of a Pokestop (it's fairly simple as it consists mostly of circles, just like this DIY piece here), which you cut out in order to form the PokeStop symbol (don't forget to make the base for the head mount!). 2. Assemble the necessary pieces using popsicle sticks and strings. 3. Wear the finished piece as your headgear; don't forget to wear a blue shirt, too!


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Illustrations by Jana Jimenez




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