Daily Diaries: Christmas Home Decor—Down A Notch But Up In Style

Daily Diaries: Christmas Home Decor—Down A Notch But Up In Style

In people's homes, varied ways of holiday decorating are dependent on personal style. Some like it grand and ornate while others like it minimalist and modern. Families who are strapped for time just keep things as they are and string up a couple of lights and add their belen/nativity display or decorate a Christmas tree. Whatever you fancy when it comes to embellishment, I still strongly feel that one universal principle often belies Christmas decor at home. A home for me, even when dressed to the nines, should still feel like home.  


It would be nice for decorated home spaces to still possess an element of what is laidback; after all, it is still where you put your feet up.  


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There are a couple of odd and random areas I've seen that I feel when excessively decorated to a "T" are sometimes too tightly wound up like a spring for me.  Life ongoing is the best dressing.

A little pretty thing or two that isn't perfectly positioned or just happens to be slightly out of place or some items that are being used and out in the open in my opinion can also elevate a space.  A home that is evidently lived in is a beautiful thing to behold.

(Mary fell and broke, fyi...)


Nothing really needs to be too perfect. For me anyway, letting loose with a little of those charming imperfections at home amidst your decoration is okay and with that vibe guests will be more than likely to chill in your space at a more speedy rate this holiday season.


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Photography and styling by Julia Arenas




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