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The Six Fix: Rides in Theme Parks that Will Satisfy The Adventure Junkie In You

The Six Fix: Rides in Theme Parks that Will Satisfy The Adventure Junkie In You

Another long weekend awaits us, and with the list of travels we've had (or haven't), we think of another escapade to make.

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Despite the four solid days of no work or school, we sometimes can't afford to go far away. We want something that's thrilling yet won't cost us so much travel time. The best solution? The theme park!

And while we're on the subject of theme parks and you might already have started making plans, there are certain rides that will bring out the adventure junkie in you. These look dangerous, but hey, they're worth a try, so hop on and experience these at least once in your life!


1. Enchanted Kingdom's EKstreme Tower. The ride will give you a minute to prepare your lungs for a big scream—then drop you off from the height of 40 meters. The sudden fall will make you your heart skip a beat, but await the hard thumping when you get off!


2. Sandbox's Giant Swing. Reminisce the old days when you and your siblings alternate your butts off the swing at the neighborhood playground. But this time, gravity will push you to the other side from a 49-feet height! The first swing is the scariest—but in the next ones after that, we're sure you'll be laughing for the rest of the ride.


3. Sky Ranch's Super Viking. What's more nerve-racking than around a hundred degree-slant in the air? Exceeding 180 degrees, that is. Hold onto the bars for dear life and see the Taal Volcano view up, up you go.


4. Star City's Star Frisbee. So while you're being thrown to the air, the ride is making a full-circle rotation, too. Certainly not for the faint-hearted.


5. Sky Experience Adventure's The Edge Coaster. Be wowed by the panoramic scene this ride will let you in—38 floors up the edge of the building. Which feeling will be much more overwhelming, fear or amazement?

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6. SM Mall of Asia's MOA Eye. The tallest ferris wheel in the country is a laidback yet knee-weakening ride—at first, especially for those who fear heights. Conquer and appreciate the wondrous view once the wheel takes you to the top. Beautiful, right?


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