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In Focus: Lauren Reid Empowers You To Embrace The No Makeup Selfie

In Focus: Lauren Reid Empowers You To Embrace The No Makeup Selfie

No makeup? No problem! As much as we love seeing our favorite stars dolled up, we think, sometimes it just feels better going au naturel—even on Instagram! Dubbed as the new 'It' girl by her half-brother James Reid, Lauren Reid dared to bare and show off her makeup free selfie on Instagram  just recently and she captioned, "Makeup free Monday! And Tuesday... And every other day ?????? My skin is still far from perfect but I am a-okay with that!! I just finished up with a long overdue facial and I'm feeling pretty haps to have a clean face that can finally breathe!"

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With this lady's decision to go bare-faced, came inspiration for many to love the skin they're in. Fans commented, "Still gorgeous!," "Your confidence makes you beautiful," "I love natural" and many more. 


If you have been keeping tabs on her IG feed, you will know that sans makeup, Lauren looks even more beautiful. During the launch of Folded & Hung's Holiday Collection at the Manila Fashion Festival, introducing Lauren and actor JC Santos as the new endorsers, we got the chance to interview her about what she wants to tell those who are afraid to go bare or are insecure because of their looks. And she says, "It takes time to be confident to yourself, I'm still not confident every single day but the small things you do can really boost your confidence, like by having a diet. Because when you have a diet, you’ll be confident with your look then you’ll see changes."


There's something that's really satisfying about seeing a celebrity without makeup. But, you got to look here, Lauren still stressing that she's not anti-makeup! What a total beauty inspo! And for days when you just don't feel pretty, Lauren advises, "I look in the mirror and tell myself that I‘m beautiful, that’s something that I really strategize recently, say it to yourself and believe it in yourself."


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