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Cheat Sheet: The Ultimate Curling Tip For Obviously Lovely Lashes

Cheat Sheet: The Ultimate Curling Tip For Obviously Lovely Lashes

People often ask me how I work my lashes so that they're big and out there. Those who know me are aware that my lashes are naturally straight and point down. In my case, it's less about what mascara I'm using (but a requirement is a waterproof formula to hold the curl, always) and more about the proper work put into curling. We begin with the status quo.

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This is the ultimate tip: The thing is, you can go slow but you have to be brave enough to bring that lash curler all the way down to the roots of your lashes for the first tight curl. You do the 3-step walking out method which is:

1. from the roots tightly curl,

2. from midway moderately curl,

3. and towards the tips gently curl.


Compare the eye with curled lashes and mascara to the one without!


To get to the very base of the lashes is easier if you have a classic lash curler with a mouth that opens large enough so that it's easier to gather all your lashes, even the annoying ones on the outside corners. Here I'm using a phased out Fanny Serrano lash curler with the name in cursive engraved on it. This batch of lash curlers from before, Fanny told me personally, are basically of almost the same proportion as the iconic Shu Uemura one. Had I known these Fanny Serrano curlers would be phased out I would have bought backups before. A lot of the cheaper lash curlers nowadays open very narrowly and so it's hard to maneuver and catch all the lashes.  


I noticed that when people use their lash curler, they're usually only tightly curling half of their lashes from midway... which often results in giving them "L" shaped lashes rather than completely curled lashes. I don't blame them, I know for a fact it's because a lot of people who curl their lashes are afraid to hurt themselves. With a little more practice, it is possible to get a fuller curl from your lash curler.


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