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Daily Diaries: Celebs Weigh In—What's The Craziest Thing About Social Media?

Daily Diaries: Celebs Weigh In—What's The Craziest Thing About Social Media?

Last night's successful Push Awards 2016 is yet another proof of just how held powerful social media is: Nominees were selected based on their social media influence, and winners were hailed based on social media voting as well. What could be a more apppropriate question to ask these social media kings and queens than what are their thoughts on social media, right?

Read on as celebs weigh in—What's the craziest thing about social media?


1. It makes “secrets” a thing of the past. Wala ka nang matatago kasi mag-picture at mag-upload lang, malalaman na ng lahat. –Kathryn Bernardo


2. It makes you deal with air (figuratively) at times, a battle you can never win. “You are fighting with the air, pero I think the best solution to that is to don’t fight, and just let it pass.” –Enchong Dee


3. It can be a breeding ground for posers, bashers, and hackers if not used properly. Bakit mo nga ba gugustuhin gumawa ng account as someone else, when you can do an account for yourself?” –Sue Ramirez


4. It allows everyone to communicate with you and vice versa, no hiding. Nakakausap ka ng mga tao; even your bashers, nakakausap ka nila to your face.” –Kim Chiu


5. It makes them closer to their friends and fans.Yung mabilis niya nare-reach yung lahat ng tao, nare-reach niya yung life [ng isang tao].” –Ella Cruz


6. It made self-promotion waaayyy easier. “It’s one of our key elements sa career din; you are able to promote yourself through social media, you are able to show your work, and be able to show who you are through social media easier.” - Iñigo Pascual


7. It makes you feel like someone's always watching. “Like yung parang funny [post] siya, magiging viral, tapos sobrang lumalawak, and then kinabukasan babatiin ka na lang ng tao, ‘uy, ang galing mo dun ah!’, ‘nagpi-piano ka pala!’, ‘uy, ang galing mo sa Snapchat’, and para kang ‘huh, alam na nila life ko?’” –Maris Racal


8. It connects the world. “You can connect with anyone around the world, and you can interact with other people, you can meet new people.” – Darren Espanto


9. Once it's online, it's there and can spread like wildfire. “The fact that it stays online forever, and that you cannot delete it.” –Elisse Joson


10. It gives you a 360-degree view of things. “You can really see what is happening. Parang yung reality and expectation, makikita mo both through social media.” – Alyssa Valdez


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Photographs by Nimfa Chua and Sany Chua





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