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Workout Wisdom: 5 Effective Pilates Moves That Mold Your Physique

Workout Wisdom: 5 Effective Pilates Moves That Mold Your Physique

They make you shake, they make you burn, but with effort put in, you'll certainly see a world of difference in your physique by committing time to these five pilates moves in your routine. Shared by a couple of online professionals I've followed, these are moderate to intermediate pilates moves so if you're a beginner you may want to start with simple rollups and stretches for a couple of days before trying these.

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1. The Pilates Hundred. This tabletop positioned move charges the core. Fanning straight arms up and down by your side while remaining in perfect tabletop form just gets those core muscles warmed up really well.  Source demo video here by Pilates Pro Cassey Ho.


2. The Plank. Holding plank in position is a universal move across pilates and yoga and bodyweight workouts in general. It's a held position which requires overall core strength, balance, and resistance. You'll feel your torso heat up pretty quick within the first several seconds. It's a pretty good litmus test as well for overall fitness, the longer you're able to hold without straining, the fitter you most probably are. Here you work out the arms, legs, back, shoulders, and core all at the same time. Source demo video here by fitness professional Daniel Segars.


3. Backward Leg raises for Hamstrings. I always dread this particular continuing move especially after I've fallen off the wagon for a week, this move will certainly let me know how far back I've regressed. Raising your leg backwards repeatedly while sustaining a "demi" plank (how I'm describing plank position but with knees down) will certainly make you feel how much stamina you've built especially when you're not relying on momentum to keep that leg moving up and down. This exercise works the glutes (butt), legs, shoulders, hips, and lower back. Source demo video here by fitness professional Katrina Hodgson.


4. Arm circles. It sounds simple but as time passes while you're doing these arm circles you'll feel the burn and wonder if you can actually make it for your whole set. Arm circles are not exactly my favorite but if you'd like to be rid of that upper arm jiggle this move is a good place to start if you're not into the idea of push-ups or weights. Source demo video here by Pilates Pro, Cassey Ho.


5. Double Leg Lifts. Two words: Core power. That combined with some lower back strength and the careful placing of those hands cradling the tailbone area for stability and you have the perfect setup for a double leg lift. Lying flat on the mat with the importance of the core and lower back pressed into the mat is something you ought not to miss before those legs come up... and then down. Source demo video here by Pilates Pro, Cassey Ho.


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