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In Focus: 15 Things We Bet You Didn’t Know About Georgina, Isabelle, Liz, and Solenn

In Focus: 15 Things We Bet You Didn’t Know About Georgina, Isabelle, Liz, and Solenn

We follow their lives on Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat; we’ve pegged them as #squadgoals for their apparent close-knit friendship, #relationshipgoals for their enviable love lives, and [three of them] #weddinggoals for their romantic wedding escapades in England, Italy, and France earlier this year, but do we really know everything about Georgina Wilson, Liz Uy, Solenn Heussaff, and Isabelle Daza? Yes, you're right—there's still so much to discover about these stunning and accomplished women. We sat down with the 'It' Girls at the viewing party of their newest reality show !T GIRLS, which will premiere on E! Asia in 27 countries this Monday, October 24, and they revealed 15 interesting facts that we bet many of you didn’t know about the fab four:


1. Solenn is one of the easiest to work with. French people are known for being laid-back and Solenn, being part French, has that air of Parisienne sophistication in her that probably explains why she is well-loved by her peers and staff. But while people are quick to assume strong and confident women have diva tendencies, Solenn has proved that she doesn't have any mean nor diva bone in her body. In fact, her Instagram posts show how she doesn't mind getting down and dirty or sweaty, if the job calls for it, making her one of the easiest to work with, according to Belle and Liz.


2. They also feel ugly at times. This may sound hard to believe for they seem to always look their best, but apparently they are times when they feel ugly. “Yeah. There are days when I feel like nothing fits me, or I hate everything I own,” says Solenn.


3. Two of them want to be Samantha Jones of Sex and the City. Their new reality show on E! has been compared to the popular American TV series Sex and the City, probably because they are four smart and successful women who knows how to have fun. When asked who among them is the hilariously out-spoken, confident, and sexy Samantha Jones of their group, Isabelle and Solenn both raised their hands.


4. Isabelle is very motherly. "Bell is nurturing," shares Liz. Even though she's the youngest among the four of them at 28 (Liz is 34, Solenn, 31, and Georgina, 30), her friends describe her as motherly—her love for kids translates obviously carries over to how she treats people she cares about.


5. Liz’s laugh is contagious. “Liz’s laugh is horrible. It’s man-repelling,” says Isabelle. Enthuses Liz, though, “But when I laugh, they all laugh, so it’s contagious.” 

Liz makes heads turn every time she attends New York, Milan, and Paris Fashion Week.

6. Isabelle prefers to be beautiful. In an interview with Bianca Gonzalez-Intal for the Philippine Star, when asked what she would rather be, smart or beautiful, she chose the latter. “I guess it’s easier to learn to become smart. And it’s a fact that life is just a little bit easier when you’re more on the attractive side, which is honestly kind of vain to say.”


8. Solenn’s hubby Nico Bolzico is just the funniest guy. If you’re following him on Instagram, you would know how funny and witty Nico’s captions are, and he’s been getting noticed and commended for it. “He really is funny, and he’s just being himself. I’m happy that people are liking that,” Solenn muses.


9. Liz was reluctant to do the show. Of the four girlfriends, Liz admits that she was hesitant to doing a reality show: "I was relunctant at first because they’re all in front of the cameras and I’m the only one behind the scenes but then for me inisip ko na lang when else am I gonna do this with my good, good friends and it's also cute to watch it in the future, too. Seeing our friendship how we were then so that’s how I look at it na lang parang it's our memories."


9. Isabelle was quite the tomboy growing up. In the same interview with Bianca Gonzalez, Isabelle recalls, "There was a point where I was dressing like a guy, baggy everything,” and that it wasn't until her prom when she wore her first dress. 


10. Bekis are among their biggest supporters. Collectively they have an outstanding 17 million followers on social media, and a huge percentage of the love they’re getting are from the LGBT community. As Isabelle shares, “I’ve been receiving insane amount of support from all the bekis.” Liz chimes in, “Girl, meron din ako pahandog sa mga bekis.”


11. Solenn is very chill and low maintenance. When asked to reveal one interesting fact about each other, both Isabelle and Liz agreed that out of all of them Solenn is the most low maintenance. 


12. Their husbands might just get their own spin-off.  Nico Bolzico, Adrian Semblat, and Arthur Burnand, husbands of Solenn, Isabelle, Georgina, respectively are getting so much love and attention from netizens that their wives think that they should star in their own show. When asked during the interview if they're open to the idea of a spin-off, Isabelle and Solenn said, "The husbands should have a reality show How to Deal with the It Girls." To which Mr. Scott Mackenzie, Vice President, Channels, Asia, NBCUniversal International Networks and the show's executive producer replied, "You're giving me good ideas right here." So who knows, we might see the 'it' bros take over the small screen in the future.

Adrien Semblat, Moritz Gastl (Jessica's, Georgina's sister's, beau), Arthur Burnand, Nico Bolzico, Erwan Heussaff 


13. What will Isabelle do if she's in the shoes of each of the other three? During the interview we asked them to complete the sentence "If I were (insert name of each  of the other 'it' girls)..." and here's what Isabelle has got to say:

"If I were Liz, I would eat every single thing I wanted to in this world and not get fat."

"If I were Solenn, I would also eat everything."

"If I were George, I will use my pregnancy as an excuse to eat." To which Liz jokingly replied, "Gutom ka. Deprived ka, girl."


14. As for Liz here's what she would most likely do if she'll get to be her friends at least for a day. "If I were Belle, I’ll make cute babies right now. If I were Solenn, I’d always be like her and always go naked. If I were George, I would (open like 30 more Sunnies café, Raymond Gutierrez suggested) yeah pwede I'll answer [that]."


15. Solenn: "If I were Belle, I would hurry up and open my own school for kids, because I love kids." She continues, "If I were Liz, I would spend more time abroad and represent the Philippines even more. If I were George, I would learn a thing or two about kids, because she’s having one soon."


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