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In Focus: We List Down The Hotties With The Most Unique Looks In Star Magic Ball History

In Focus: We List Down The Hotties With The Most Unique Looks In Star Magic Ball History

Every year at the Star Magic Ball, it is customary for men to wear suits and tuxedos in black or white. However, there are a few of them who choose to do things differently, adding a fresh and contemporary twist to the good 'ol suit. Be it a different suit color, different materials used, or a different cut, these men took a style risk in order to stand out from the crowd.

So what were the most noteworthy unusual looks the men donned at the Star Magic Ball through the years? Here's our shortlist:


1. Gerald Anderson opted for this black velvety Dolce & Gabanna blazer in 2014. The blazer’s texture stood out in photos, especially what with all those flashing lights. 


2. Back in 2007, Jake Cuenca opted to wear an overcoat, instead of a blazer, as part of his suit ensemble—a good move that made him look taller and leaner.


3. The addition of white piping to Rhap Salazar’s black suit at the 2011 Star Magic Ball was a nice contemporary twist to formalwear.


4. In 2013, Alex Diaz played around with different combinations for his suit. His pick? A three-piece Jerome Lorico-designed ensemble consisting of coordinated maroon trousers and and a polo shirt, and a shiny black blazer.


5. In 2014, Daniel Padilla looked oh so fine in a three-piece suit by Joey Samson, complete with a cane, totally giving off a The Godfather-like vibe. 


6. In a rare appearance by Tim Yap back in 2009, the known eventologist stood out with his silver and grey ensemble, adorned with color-shifting details on the jacket.



7. When it comes to one-of-a-kind suits, Enchong Dee's Michael Cinco ensemble at the 2012 Star Magic Ball takes the cake for being most unique. It was literally shining even if it came in black, thanks to the stud detailing found on both the jacket and the blazer.


8. Speaking of details: Take a closer look at Enrique Gil’s Pepsi Herrera suit (which he wore at the 2014 Star Magic Ball) and you’ll notice that it is not just any black jacket: It is adorned with details in tonal black. 

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Artwork by Jana Jimenez. Photographs from the Star Magic and ABS-CBN Publishing Archives




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