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Daily Diaries: How Tony Labrusca Redefines Being A "Mama’s Boy"

Daily Diaries: How Tony Labrusca Redefines Being A

Pinoy Boyband Superstar contestant Anthony Labrusca seems to be your typical baddie boy-next-door with his signature laidback threads (often a lot of denim), ear piercing, and angas—his initial performance in the show, though, proved that he’s such a sweetheart, too! Girls, if he sang “You and Me” to you, would you not swoon?

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One other thing that caught our attention during Anthony’s live auditions is his apparent closeness to his mom, Angel Jones, who’s a gifted (musical) belter as well (she was part of international hip-hop group Kulay in the 1990s). We know how so many guys shy away from being openly affectionate towards their mothers for fear of being tagged as mama’s boys, but such is not the case for Anthony, who, unlike many kids raised by just one of their biological parents who end up rebelling against or resenting them, is very grateful for his mom’s doting over him.


Currently, Angel acts as Anthony's manager but also dabbles in hosting, makeup artistry, and image consultancy, and is one of the founders of microblog and beauty consultancy movement #Beautyism. We insta-stalked the mother-and-son pair who looks pretty much like barkada, and can’t help but count the ways how Anthony makes “mama’s boy” look so cool:


1. He's not embarrassed to go twinning (accidentally or not) with his mom.


2. Others won't be caught dead working out with mommy, but not Anthony.


No wonder they're both hot.


3. But they know the value of a good food trip, too.


4. Anthony also doesn't shy away from fun selfie photo ops with Angel (and an occasional Blue Man).


5. Anthony also relishes the fact that mommy's got his back, accompanying him to shoots and shows.


Now, if only you could bring him home to mom, right?


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